Straight Baths

Elevate your home with the quintessential British elegance of JT Spas’ Straight Baths. Our selection spans the classic UK bath sizes — the spacious 1800mm x 800mm for a luxurious soak and the versatile 1700mm x 700mm, ideal for any family bathroom. 

At JT Spas, we understand that a bath is a statement of style and a fixture of daily life. That's why we offer a variety of straight baths to suit every taste and requirement, from the space-saving single-ended designs to the luxurious double-ended models.

Discover your ideal straight bath with JT Spas. Explore our range, read our insightful guides, or contact our expert team for advice tailored to your unique bathroom landscape.

The Perfect Fit for Every Design
Whether you're revamping a cosy ensuite or a grand master bathroom, our straight baths are designed to complement any space. For narrower rooms, a single-ended bath, with its waste and taps positioned at one end, is a space-efficient choice that aligns seamlessly against a wall. Its design is perfect for those who enjoy a bath with a shower overhead, providing practicality and comfort.

Luxury Doubled in Double-Ended Baths

For those who cherish symmetry and indulgence, our double-ended baths offer a centred waste and tap fitting. This design allows you to lounge at either end or share your bath without compromise. With ample dimensions of 1800mm x 800mm, these baths are a haven for relaxation.

Built to British Standards

Crafted from high-quality materials, our straight baths promise durability and warmth, ensuring your bath time is both serene and sustainable. Opt for a single-ended bath to maximize space without sacrificing comfort, or indulge in a double-ended bath for an unrivalled bathing experience.