Wall Panel Trims Coving Screws & Adhesives

We have a wide range of Trims for finishing your Shower Bathroom Wall Panels & PVC Ceiling Panels to a high standard.  All our trims measure 2600mm in length and come in either Silver, Black, White or Ivory Colours with out trims being compatible only with 8mm or 10mm panels.

We have Internal Corner trim - it is ideal for giving the internal corners a neat finish.   Coving Trim - is perfect to give that elegant finish where the wall meets the ceiling. The End Cap Trim - is perfect to start or finish a run of panels, it can also be used as an internal corner or to butt up to door frames to create a neat finish. The External Corner 8/10mm - is for use on any external corner also can be used around windows and boxing in.

To fix the panels to your wall and ceiling we have GoldScrew 3.5 x 12mm single thread flat headed screws. These screws are used to hold the panels in place whilst the glue adhesive dries. The screws are installed in the tongue section of the panel, so when the next panel is interlocked the screws are then covered up. Our ready to use solvent free trim adhesives will adhere to the majority of building surface

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