Shower Baths

Shower baths are a great space saving  asset for the bathroom giving you the benefit of choosing to have a vigorous, refreshing shower or a tranquil revitalising bath. We are proud to have put together a vast selection of various styles and sizes such as 1500mm P shaped baths and 1700 L Shaped baths, please check out our range of shower baths below.

Enjoying Yourself with the Shower Bath

Enjoying Yourself with the Shower Bath

The shower bath is probably one of the most important of all bathroom fixtures, and is one of the fastest selling items of today. If you want something more substantial than your standard shower whilst retaining the benefits of a fully functioning bath, then this innovative fixture is just perfect for you and your family. Most of all it provides a refreshing, stress-relieving experience that you can really appreciate in a good bath.

Because of its innovative designs and features, the typical shower bath truly helps you save on that all-important bathroom space without sacrificing the convenience and comfort that you really need. For most, the bathroom is that one place where you can escape the pressures of the fast-paced world we live in and enjoy some quiet time. It’s a place to unwind and relax. You need to have such things, and that is why your bathroom, no matter how you remodel it, should continue to offer those precious things all the time.  

As you remodel and redesign your bathroom, the first thing that naturally comes to mind and probably the most important is considering whether you should have your shower and your bathtub installed separately. If you don’t have that much space, then the smart thing to do is to purchase a combination of a shower and bath. It’s the most logical solution given the limited bathroom space. This is so because the innovation that defined it incorporates all the best that you can have with both the shower and the bath at the same time. These versions promises great space-saving convenience, without having to do away with the advantages of having both a shower and a bath.

 The cost considerations when installing a shower is another compelling reason why shower baths are the answer that you’ve been looking for. Comparing the average five-minute showers verses running a bath, showers are much cheaper in terms of water consumption. However, having a shower-only bathroom also has its own share of disadvantages, where the elements of elegance and comfort are significantly reduced. And without that intimate atmosphere provided by baths in general, you will probably not get what you are looking for in a bathroom in the first place.  

With showers alone, there’s also the issue of your own bathing routines which can eventually become monotonous, as you are literately tied to the shower itself. Again, it defeats the greater purpose of having a great bathing experience. What’s important here is making the bathroom a place for relaxation and unwinding after every hard day’s work with a deep, relaxing soak into a bath tub. And there’s absolutely no way you can do that if you don’t have a bath tub. That is why you are better off with the flexibility offered by the shower bath. It’ll give you a shower and a bath tub. You don’t have to worry anymore about foregoing your usual bathing routines that were your means of relaxation.