Shower Baths

Shower baths are a great space saving asset for the bathroom giving you the benefit of choosing to have a vigorous, refreshing shower or a tranquil revitalising bath. We are proud to have put together a vast selection of various styles and sizes such as 1500mm P shaped baths and 1700 L Shaped baths.

At JT Spas, we marry functionality with style, presenting our exclusive collection of shower baths designed for the discerning homeowner. Our range is a testament to our commitment to versatile bathroom solutions that don’t compromise on aesthetic appeal or the luxury of a personal spa experience. L-shaped and P-shaped baths are gaining popularity for their clever blend of style and practicality. These innovative bath designs cater to the needs of modern UK homes, offering both aesthetic appeal and efficient use of space.

L shaped baths, known for their straight edges and right-angled design, are a perfect fit for minimalist and contemporary bathrooms. They offer a spacious showering area, making them ideal for those who enjoy the luxury of both bathing and showering in one space. The sleek, angular design of L shape baths not only maximises bathroom space but also adds a modern, sophisticated look.

P shaped baths are designed with a curved showering area, providing extra space for a comfortable showering experience. These baths are ideal for family bathrooms, offering the versatility of a bath with the practicality of a shower. The gentle curve adds a soft, elegant touch to the bathroom, making it a visually appealing option, please check out our range of shower baths below.