D Shaped Shower Enclosure

The D Shaped shower enclosure with its curved glass panels makes a bold statement in the bathroom. They provide a spacious showering area with smooth gliding shower doors. We have a wide variety of D Shaped Shower Enclosures to suit your needs.

Key Things to Know About a D Shaped Shower Enclosure

When it comes to shower enclosures, a D shaped shower enclosure is one that gives a different look to a bathroom with its quadrant or curved panels. The door slides into the panel, so there is no need for a big space outside of the enclosure for the opening of the shower door. Before you decide on what kind of D shaped enclosure you want in your bathroom, you must first know the size of the area in your bathroom where the enclosure will be installed so you can get the right size.

What sizes are offered on D shaped shower enclosures?
A D shaped shower enclosure comes in various widths, ranging from 800 mm to 1050 mm. The width of the enclosure will determine if it can fit in your bathroom without cramping up the space. In determining the right size, ask yourself these: will it be near the door where it will be hit when the door is opened or will the be enough space for other fixtures?

Are D shaped shower enclosures totally leak proof?
A D shaped shower cubicle, as with any other type of enclosure, boasts of waterproof features so that you get to shower in your bathroom without having to get the whole bathroom floor wet. Shower doors use silicone to keep water from leaking outside the enclosure so you can enjoy a shower experience without worrying about getting the whole floor wet.

What is a D shaped shower enclosure?
A D shaped shower enclosure is installed on just one wall, thus the design. It is perfect for bathrooms with only one wall available for the enclosure. The quadrant shape will give a different look from conventional enclosures. You can buy a D shaped shower enclosure and tray together or just a shower tray for replacement. A shower tray is an add-on that you can do without, but can add to the overall aesthetic of the enclosure. It is usually made of stone resin which mimics the natural look of stone. White ceramic is another material used that can also give the look of sophistication to the whole shower enclosure.

If you are working on a small bathroom area, you can choose from various small D shaped shower enclosures available on the website. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right size according to your bathroom measurements. When your D shower enclosure's installation is finished, you will be amazed at how economical space-wise your shower enclosure is.