Corner Entry Shower Doors

Corner entry showers are really popular the reason for this is that when you are choosing a new bathroom shower cubicle you will be looking for a replacement for your existing shower.  This is the reason why you can choose one of our shower cubicles below.  We have corner shower cubicles and pivot shower cubicle all available from leading manufacturers backed up with great manufacturer guarantees.  Corner shower doors or square shower enclosures similar in design to quadrant showers which are rounded corner entry showers usually have centrally opening doors into the front corner cross section of the enclosure and used quiet a lot for small bathrooms tight for space.

Our selection of Corner Entry shower enclosures is also available in various thicknesses of glass from 4mm - 8mm and if you are tight for height with a low level ceiling, then we have small height 1850mm high corner entry doors and others up to 2000mm tall.