Complete your next bathroom project with one of our high quality, luxury baths. Whether you are looking for a whirlpool bath, or a freestanding bath - we will have the style you are looking for. Complete your new bathroom with some of our bath accessories, from panels to screens. 

Bathroom Baths

Our bathrooms are often the haven we retire to, to unwind and relax after a long day and so why shouldn’t you have the very best. Taking a bath can be an enjoyable time, especially when you have one of the more luxurious bathtubs to enjoy, such as the amazing whirlpool bath. There are many different types designed to give you the very finest in luxury with whirlpool jets and chromo-therapy lighting to help you unwind.

We all know that taking a bath can be one of the most rewarding pleasures in life.

Today, there are many ways in which we can enjoy the sensual feeling of bathing. Items such as the Whirlpool baths and Air Spa Baths are amongst the highest quality and most advanced baths on the market.

There is a bath to suit any home, and its needs, whether it’s a freestanding bath, a shower bath, or a corner bath, you will always find a bathing system to fit your bathrooms interior. There are a range of different accessories that you can be additionally integrated in to your chosen bathtub, these accessories will help you to create a bath which fits in with your lifestyle and which will fulfil your need to relax and unwind.

At JT Spas we stock a huge range of products sourced directly from leading brands, ensuring that you are provided with the finest quality. 

Our range is specifically designed to offer you the very best in bathing technology to suit your needs. We are delighted to continually update our products and if you are not sure which bath would be perfect for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.