Pivot / Hinged Door Shower Enclosures

A pivot hinged shower door is one that is secured from top to bottom. They are extremely popular due to the door pivoting inside the shower tray, this means the swing of the door into the bathroom is less. They are a good choice for small bathrooms or bathrooms where space is limited.

Thinking of Installing Pivot Shower Doors? Read This First

Taking a shower is no longer just a chore that you have to do in order to get clean and fresh. It has become a relaxing break from all the day's stresses and challenges. And to be able for you to relax in the shower, you need one that is not only functional but aesthetic as well. One component of a shower enclosure that you need to consider is the door. Pivot shower doors come in different types... framed, semi-framed and frameless. Pivot shower doors are connected by hinges that open either outwards or into the shower.

How thick should the glass be on pivot shower doors?
Shower doors range in thickness from 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm. The thickness of our doors ensure that they will not break easily with the slightest force. Even a frameless pivot shower door is guaranteed to be of the best durable quality. Hinges are also of durable quality to be able to support the thickness and weight of the door. As the door cannot be hinged to the wall for a variety of reasons, the glass panel where the door will be hinged is made of strong and sometimes thicker glass to support the door throughout the years. Glass shower enclosures uses tempered glass to provide safety to the user. It is not easily broken by slight force. When a very strong force is applied to the glass, it doesn't break into big shards that can cause harm. Instead it disintegrates into very small pieces that will not pose a very serious danger.

Are pivot shower doors easy to clean?
Pivot shower door enclosures and all types of shower enclosures are generally easy to clean and maintain their good condition. But with the nano easy clean feature of some of our pivot shower door enclosures are a breeze to clean. Just a few minutes each time is all it will take to keep it clean and free from mould and bacteria from developing, which can cause illnesses in the long run.

What material is used to make pivot shower doors?
Pivot door shower enclosures are made from polished aluminium. Shower doors, including sliding shower doors, need to be strong and will withstand years of everyday use.
If you think a pivot shower door is the one suitable for your bathroom and for your need, then you can let a professional installer do the job for you. It only takes a day or two to install a shower enclosure.