Kitchen Taps

At JTSpas, we choose manufacturers that carry the smartest, best-quality, most versatile, and the most affordable products on the market.  Manufacturer’s like-Phoenix, Whitney, Wellington, and Tiverton, make the best kitchen taps available.

Allow us to tell you a little about them.  These kitchen taps are available at a range of highly affordable prices from £19.50 to £182.00.   Kitchen taps made from manufacturer’s like Tiverton operate at minimum pressures of 1.5 to 2.0 bars, and they come in polished-chrome or nickel with features like fluid and precise flow that can be adjusted to your needs. 

You can have a perfect balance of hot and cold each time you use the kitchen sink.  Never burn your hands when doing dishes or washing your hands again, with one of these fine kitchen taps.  These taps are fitted with mono or twin levers and are designed with style and grace in mind.

Please browse below and choose the kitchen tap that is right for you.