Freestanding Baths

We have one of the largest ranges of stand alone freestanding baths available in the UK.  You can now tailor and customise your white bath with Farrow & Ball paint to bespoke your new freestanding bath to suit your new bathroom designs, from the popular black freestanding bath or grey freestanding baths to Pink Baths we can have your new painted freestanding bath bespoke to your needs. If you have a small bathroom that will not be a problem as we have over 40+ small freestanding baths to choose from in whole range of styles and designs.

At JT Spas, we believe in the transformative power of a great bath. We're dedicated to helping you find your perfect match, with a customer service team ready to assist with any queries. Dive into our collection today and find the freestanding bath that will redefine your bathroom experience. 

Elevate Your Bathroom with a Freestanding Bath from JT Spas

Indulge in the ultimate statement of luxury with JT Spas' freestanding baths, a collection where elegance meets relaxation. Freestanding baths are a centerpiece that never fails to impress, offering unmatched sophistication and an allure of comfort to any bathroom.

Our freestanding baths are more than just bathtubs; they are masterpieces of design. From the classic charm of the Duchess Black Slipper Bath to the minimalist chic of our modern straight-edged tubs, each model is crafted to be an artful focal point in your sanctuary.

Constructed with the highest quality materials, our baths boast durability and thermal retention for those long, luxurious soaks. The Lisna Waters collection exemplifies this with its exquisite finish and robust build, promising a bath that not only looks impeccable but endures.

A Bath for Every Space

Whether you're accentuating a compact ensuite or anchoring a spacious family bathroom, our range offers a size and style to fit your vision. Our expertly designed baths ensure a comfortable bathing experience without compromising on style or quality.

Whether you choose a modern freestanding bath or a traditional victorian roll top bath, stylish, contemporary, and chic – these three words best describe what freestanding baths stand for today.  We have a huge range of Roll Top Small Freestanding baths to compliment all the smaller bathrooms.