Shower Doors & Enclosures

With our range of modern stylish shower doors, we are sure you can complete the designer feel of your new bathroom with our diverse range of shower doors.

Whether you need a shower door to fit into an alcove or have the need for a frameless shower door with a side panel we can offer the complete solution guaranteed.  With our selection of door sizes you will be able to select the correct shower enclosure style and size to fit your bathroom space and achieve that designer bathroom design you are looking for.

Please look through our selection of shower enclosures below conveniently placed into separate categories to make your choice much easier, or give our sales team a call who will be happy to help you select the best shower door for your bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Enclosures from JT Spas

Browsing through our range of shower enclosures could be a bit intimidating for the novice. Here is a quick breakdown on the different types of Enclosure that we stock:

  • Shower Pods -                                    These are very high quality shower enclosures, that come as a complete set.
  • Quadrant  -                                           Designed to fit into a corner and have a quadrant
  • Pivot / Hinged -                                    Enclosures featuring a pivot style hinged door
  • Bi Fold  -                                                Enclosures featuring a Bi Fold Door
  • Sliding  -                                                Enclosures featuring a Sliding Door
  • D Shaped  -                                          Enclosures designed to fit against a single wall
  • Walk In -                                                Doorless Enclosures
  • Frameless -                                          The latest sleek styles.
  • Offset Quadrant  -                                Enclosures with a longer side, come in left or right hand versions.
  • Bath Screens -                                     Convert your bath into a shower bath.
  • Extension Panels -                              Use these to customise your enclosure.
  • Wet Rooms -                                        Create the Ultimate Showering Experience.
  • Shower Enclosures and Trays -       Complete packs measured to fit your space.
  • Shower Units -                                     Hydro Shower & Steam Shower units.
  • Easy Access Shower Enclosures -    These enclosures provide greater bathing confidence.
  • Hydro Shower Units -                         The latest technology for your showering
  • Shower Trays-                                     The floor of your shower
  • Shower Doors -                                   Complete your installation with the perfect door
  • Shower Cubicles -                              Various types of fully enclosed shower doors & enclosures.

Some of our shower enclosures are made with 10 mm toughened glass, mirror finished chrome accessories, and translucent seals and fixings that are fully concealed.  They not only slide open and close in silence, but have a level of elegance that are combined with modern touches that create an eye appealing shower that only enhances your bathroom's style.

 We only supply the finest shower enclosures from manufacturers like Jupiter Bathrooms, Merlyn, Ultra, Coram and Aqualux. To make choosing the right shower enclosure for your bathroom we have separated below into subcategories to allow you to view the range type you are looking for quickly and easily.

 A bathroom's shower door not only serves to provide privacy to the person in the shower, but it also gives off the feeling of luxury, elegance and cleanliness that for sure every homeowner wants. There are various types and sizes of glass shower doors that you can choose from our wide range of products. Before deciding to buy the product that has caught your fancy, know first the dimensions of you bathroom and the spot where the shower enclosure will be located. This will immensely help you in your decision making later on.

What type of shower doors do you offer?
 We offer all types of doors for shower enclosures, Such as alcove, quadrant, D shaped, pivot, bi-fold doors as well as shower screens for those who do not want the closed shower enclosure for one reason or another. All these types of shower doors can be framed, semi-framed or frame-less glass shower doors.

How thick is the glass used on the shower doors?
 There are different thicknesses on the doors that we offer. You can choose from 4 mm, 5 mm, 6mm, 8 mm and 10 mm.All of these are guaranteed to be durable and can withstand years and years of wear and tear. Frameless shower doors may look more fragile than framed or semi-framed ones, but they are actually quite sturdy. If they are made without the support of metal frames, then they are designed to support itself with only the help of hinges and other door components. You don't need to worry about them being brittle and easy to break as they are made from tempered glass that does not easily disintegrate with the slightest pressure.

What size shower doors do you supply?
 We supply all sizes of shower doors. They can range from 800 mm to more than 1000 mm. The size of the shower enclosure that you will purchase should be suitable for your bathroom space. You should be able to get the correct measurements and dimensions. You can ask someone who knows how to take measurements if you don't already know how, otherwise you will end up with the wrong enclosure. You can be sure that the shower enclosures we offer are compliant with industry standards and that you are guaranteed to get the highest quality product.

 The relaxation of a nice hot shower is now within your reach. There is no need to wait to get that shower enclosure that you have been dreaming to get for your bathroom. You can have it installed quickly so you can start enjoying nice showers right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

We have a huge range of walk-in showers, we can now offer a slate shower tray in white or black styles to perfectly compliment your new bathroom design style. Pair up with one of our luxury drench overhead fixed showers to complete the look on your new bathroom or en-suite walk-in shower room.

Installing shower enclosures in bathrooms is beneficial to everyone in the home. Not only will they prevent water from flowing onto the bathroom floor, they also help to prevent moulds and mildew from accumulating outside the shower enclosure. If you are new to the concept of a walk-in shower, then it's wise to do some research to help you decide which type would best suit your needs.

A shower enclosure is a walled shower area where you can take a shower without having to worry about water leaking all over the bathroom and making the whole room wet. It also provides you with some privacy when you shower. There are non-transparent enclosures that you can install if you prefer a little more privacy. A walk in shower also gives the appearance of having a separate room within the bathroom. This is especially useful if you have kids, if they tend to come in and out the bathroom all the time. You can have a shower whilst they brush their teeth or use the toilet.

 Frame-less shower doors.frameless shower door gives an elegant and modern look in a bathroom. Leakage is not an issue with frame-less enclosures as each panel is sealed tight with a sealant especially designed to prevent leakages.
 Hinged. Hinged walk in shower enclosures have doors that swing outward, so they are more suitable in a spacious bathroom. The chrome or metal features of this type add a touch of style in the room.
•  Bi-fold. You can save space in your bathroom with bi-fold enclosures. They are practical and will fit in any size of enclosure.
•  Sliding. Sliding walk in showers are perfect for small bathrooms. They also give an impression of a modern bathroom and enclosure. A clear glass or acrylic enclosure is the best option.
•  D-Shaped. They are more suitable for a bath and shower combo, and for bathrooms that do not have much space.
•  Quadrant. They are the most common type of enclosure and fit in most corners. And they are fitted with sliding doors to further minimise the use of space.

You can have a custom-made walk in shower enclosure that will be perfect for your bathroom size and your design preference, although this may come at a price, compared to built enclosures. You can work with a professional installer to measure your bathroom and help you pick out the most suitable enclosure type. Hiring a professional rather than doing the job yourself will not only save you time and effort, but you can be assured that the job will be of a good standard.

Walk in showers have their own appeal and functionality that greatly benefit those who use them every day. Remodelling your bathroom to include an enclosure is a sound investment, given that it is one of the bathroom features that is used every single day.