Bathroom Vanity Units

Your bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where you start and end your day. Make it a haven of luxury and functionality with our exquisite range of bathroom vanity units. At JT Spas, we understand the importance of a well-designed bathroom, and we offer an extensive selection of bathroom vanity units, also known as bathroom sink cabinets, vanity units with basins, and sink vanity units. Let's explore the variety, styles, and colours that you can choose from to transform your bathroom into a space of beauty and convenience.

Thinking of upgrading your bathroom's functionality and aesthetics with our stunning range of bathroom vanity units. From single to double, wall-hung to floor-standing, contemporary to traditional, and an array of colour options, you can find the perfect vanity unit to match your style and space. See below and explore our extensive collection of bathroom vanity units to transform your bathroom into a place of beauty and convenience. 

Bathroom Vanity Units

Variety to Suit Your Needs

We take pride in offering a vast collection of bathroom vanity units that cater to various tastes and requirements. Whether you have a compact bathroom or a spacious en-suite, we have the perfect unit to meet your needs.

  1. Single Vanity Units: Ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, our single vanity units are both elegant and functional. They come in various sizes to maximize storage space while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.
  2. Double Vanity Units: For those with larger bathrooms or couples who prefer their own space, our double vanity units offer ample room for two basins. Enjoy the luxury of a shared bathroom without sacrificing style.
  3. Wall-Hung Vanity Units: Wall-hung units create an illusion of space, making them perfect for smaller bathrooms. They come in a variety of styles and finishes, providing a contemporary and minimalist look.
  4. Floor-Standing Vanity Units: If you prefer a more traditional design, our floor-standing vanity units exude classic charm. Choose from a wide range of finishes to match your bathroom decor.
  5. Corner Vanity Units: Maximize every inch of your bathroom with our space-saving corner vanity units. They're an excellent choice for tight spaces and add a touch of uniqueness to your bathroom.

Stunning Styles

Our bathroom vanity units are designed to complement any interior style, from modern and minimalist to traditional and rustic. You can choose from various materials, including MDF, solid wood, and glass, to suit your aesthetic preferences. Some of our popular styles include:

  1. Contemporary: Sleek lines, high-gloss finishes, and minimalist hardware define our contemporary vanity units. They are perfect for those who appreciate clean and sophisticated designs.
  2. Traditional: Capture the elegance of the past with our traditional vanity units. Choose from warm wooden finishes, ornate details, and classic handles to create a timeless atmosphere.
  3. Industrial: Embrace the trendy industrial look with our metal and concrete-inspired vanity units. They add a touch of urban sophistication to your bathroom.
  4. Scandinavian: For a clean and calming aesthetic, explore our Scandinavian-inspired vanity units. Light colours, natural wood, and simple designs create a serene atmosphere.

Diverse Colour Options

Enhance your bathroom's decor with a vast selection of colours and finishes. Our bathroom vanity units are available in various colours, allowing you to match them with your tiles, walls, and overall design. Some of the popular colour options include:

  1. White: Timeless and versatile, white vanity units exude a sense of cleanliness and purity. They blend seamlessly with any decor.
  2. Grey: Add a touch of sophistication with grey vanity units. The subtle shade complements both modern and traditional bathrooms.
  3. Wood Finishes: For a warm and natural feel, choose from a variety of wood finishes, such as oak, walnut, and teak.
  4. High-Gloss: Achieve a sleek, contemporary look with high-gloss finishes in colours like black, anthracite, and navy blue.

Benefits of a Vanity Unit

Enhanced Storage: One of the primary benefits of a vanity unit is the added storage it provides. You can neatly organize your toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials, keeping your space clutter-free.

Aesthetic Appeal: Vanity units come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to choose one that complements your bathroom decor. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or a timeless, traditional look, there's a vanity unit to match your taste.

Concealed Plumbing: Vanity units hide unsightly pipes and plumbing fixtures, giving your bathroom a cleaner and more polished appearance.

Space Optimization: They are available in different sizes and configurations, making it easy to find the right fit for your bathroom, regardless of its size.

Functional Workspace: Vanity units provide a countertop space that can be used for tasks like applying makeup, shaving, or simply placing decorative items to enhance your bathroom's ambiance.

Is It Easy to Fit a Vanity Unit?

Installing a bathroom vanity unit is generally straightforward, especially for those with some DIY experience. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Prepare the Space: Ensure the area where you plan to install the vanity unit is clean and level.
  2. Shut Off Water Supply: Turn off the water supply to the sink and disconnect the plumbing.
  3. Attach the Vanity: Secure the vanity unit in its intended location and level it. Make sure it is anchored securely to the wall if required.
  4. Reconnect Plumbing: Reconnect the plumbing, including the waste pipe and water supply lines.
  5. Seal the Edges: Apply a silicone sealant around the edges of the vanity unit and sink to prevent water leakage.
  6. Add Accessories: Once the unit is installed, you can add any accessories like mirrors or additional storage options.

Can a Plumber Put in a New Vanity?

Yes, hiring a professional plumber to install a new vanity unit is a wise choice if you're not confident in your DIY skills. A plumber can ensure that all plumbing connections are secure, preventing any leaks or issues in the future.

Should You Put Flooring Down Before Vanity?

It's typically recommended to install the flooring before fitting the vanity unit. This ensures that the unit sits level and stable on the finished floor surface. Additionally, it simplifies the installation process, as you won't have to cut the flooring around the unit.

Does a Bathroom Vanity Unit Need to Be Attached to the Wall?

While some vanity units are designed to be wall-hung, others can be freestanding. Wall-hung vanity units are attached to the wall for stability and to hide plumbing. Freestanding Floorstanding units, on the other hand, do not need to be attached to the wall but should be level and stable on the floor.

Incorporating a vanity unit into your bathroom is a decision that offers numerous benefits, from increased storage to enhanced aesthetics. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or prefer to hire a professional, fitting a vanity unit is a manageable task that will elevate your bathroom's functionality and style. Explore our extensive selection of vanity units, bathroom cabinets, mirrors, and more to discover the perfect addition to your bathroom space. JT Spas is your trusted source for all your bathroom needs, from vanity units to toilet and sink combinations.