Corner Baths

  • Space Saving
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Unique Styling
Corner baths are the best layout choice for small spaces. Including these curved baths in your bathroom is an ideal way to maximise your space. A small corner baths can also be used as shower baths by simply adding a screen. The advantages of these baths are that they are large baths using space more efficiently in the bathroom offset into a corner.
The corner bath have a large area for water yet with the design the bath is maximising the smaller space and gives you that feeling of more room as these are normally wider and deeper than the standard straight baths. The seat in the corner of the deeper models can also give a more Luxurious feel.
The corner bath gives a different perspective with the curve edge takes the harsh angles away from the corner and can give a different look and a focal feature from a different angle. The Variety of different shapes can make any small bathroom unique.