Gordon the Gecko, a customer service challenge

Gordon the Gecko, a customer service challenge

We have a huge sale on, oh yes and there's free delivery on a load of items too, Mostly Steam Showers, Designer Radiators & Whirlpool Baths, but it's the season for?heartwarming?stories, and we have a fine one for your here, courtesy of our highly trained customer services team;

Gordon'the Gecko, a customer service challenge?

Below is a series of extracts from a recent conversation between a JT Spas Steam Shower customer and our Customer Services Team

Customer: Also, we had a surprise visitor in the form of a live gecko hidden in the packaging for the shower tray and roof! I am assuming you don't want this back!

JT Spas customer support: We apologise for the live gecko that was in the packaging as I?m sure you got a shock we?d better make sure no one in the warehouse is missing a pet!

Customer: P.S. We will take the gecko to the RSPCA if it does not belong to one of your staff!! He/she is currently resting in a vented tupperware box with some vegetation for company.

JT Spas customer support: Regards the Gecko: My colleague has been researching this and has told me to pass on the below information:
We have spoken to both the local RSPCA representative in High Wycombe and also the National Helpline.

They advise giving their National Helpline a call to arrange collection as they do not have a centre near to you.

Their number is 0300 1234 999, there a lot of options when you call through, but the lady I spoke with suggested that you just hit the first option as they will all go through to an operator who will be able to help you with this.

Once they have collected the Gecko, they will check to make sure the little fella is Ok, and then they will send him on to a re-homing centre, the chances of a successful re-homing are quite high apparently as there is a strong demand for these gorgeous little creatures.
If you would be kind enough to let us know when this has happened we will make a don'tion to the RSPCA to help with any costs they will bear here.

We again thank you for looking on this episode with the grace & humour you have shown!

One of Gordons Friends

How did he end up in your shower box? Apparently this is the second time* this has happened in the entire time Insignia have been working with these products, the animals are found near the factories where your shower was built and they can occasionally find a way in to the dispatch area (all those big loading bay doors) and find a nice warm place in the packaging to curl up for a sleep. I?m sure it was as shocked as you to find itself in the UK.

*The first time this happened the RSPCA also helped out, we were not connected with this customer so have no way to know how it fared, we?ll assume it is doing great in some teenagers bedroom, as yours will hopefully do!

Customer: With regards to our little gecko, who we have named Gordon (after the character Gordon Gekko from that 1980_s movie ?Wall Street?!), I was very touched by all your research and have already phoned the RSPCA. I am now awaiting their local agent to phone me back with regards to collection. In the meantime we shall keep Gordon safe and warm. I too have made a don'tion to the RSPCA and shall certainly let you know once he has been passed into their caring hands.

Just to let you know that our local RSPCA inspector has just collected our little gecko who is now extremely lively in his box having been warmed up by my PC all day!

?Gordon? will be passed to the RSPCA local exotic animals expert later today to be cared for until he is re-homed.
As you mentioned geckos a...