FreeStanding Baths Sale

At JTSpas we hold solidly to the ideal that style and craftsmanship should be available to more than those who aren’t on a tighter budget.   We pride ourselves in providing everyone who desires style, quality, and craftsmanship, that is backed by some of the best manufacturers in the business, opportunities for luxury bath items.

For example, discover the sleek and smooth Jupiter Isabella Double Ended Freestanding Bath.  Offered at an unbeatable price, this freestanding bath is coolness and luxury wrapped up nicely in the form of a bathtub. We offer it to you with a 12 month manufacture’s guarantee.  See the price below,   You’ll find that it’s well within your means.   Another great bath is the Jupiter Regal Freestanding Bath. This bath combines the style and luxury of the Isabella with a Victorian touch. It includes a modern design with ornate polished-silver feet.  Again, the price of this bath is well within your means.   See the price below.  

While you’re in the browsing mood, look through our other freestanding baths. 

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