Top Tips for Designing an Elderly-Friendly Bathroom

Top Tips for Designing an Elderly-Friendly Bathroom

If you have elderly people living in your home or have elderly people living alone in their own house, you know very well that it is always better to make certain adjustments for their safety and security. Mind you, these adjustments do not have to be big; your main consideration should simply be to make the home safer and more accessible to its elderly residents.

However, you have to pay particular attention to bathrooms. But the good news is that you do not have to have bathrooms entirely remodeled to make them more elderly-friendly ? with a few simple and easy adjustments, you can create a safer bathroom for seniors.

The importance of grab bars

Grab bars are exceedingly handy for different areas in the bathroom, such as beside the toilet or in the shower stall or bathtub. But when installing grab bars, it is better not to do it yourself ? seek help from a certified installer who can make recommendations for the best type of grab bar for your needs, and install one that will be securely anchored to the bathroom?s walls.

The shower stall

In some old homes, there are thresholds found on the shower stalls in order to prevent the water from spilling out. For most elderly individuals, this threshold is quite dangerous and can be the main cause of accidents. If you can, have the threshold?s height reduced, or remove it entirely. On the other hand, what you can also do is have a clear line or border between the shower and the floor by installing a steam shower unit. This way, the elderly user can clearly see where they can step out. Also, choose a steam shower enclosure or unit that is equipped with a seat for easier showering.

The shower or bath?s temperature

The temperature of the shower or bath is also important. It would be a good idea to have the temperature in the shower or bath regulated. What you can do is have valves which have temperature control installed in the bathroom ? or better yet, have a steam shower cabin installed which already has built-in temperature control.

As you may know, we at JT Spas have a whole array of steam shower units, enclosures, and cabins for you to choose from. These are all made by the best manufacturers available today and have a variety of features that not only make them more user-friendly but safer and more effective as well.