The New Range of Designer Radiators from JT Spas

The New Range of Designer Radiators from JT Spas

Adding instant wow factor to a room is now even easier, everyone who has recently installed one of our new radiators have mentioned how captivating they are to visitors. Here in the UK we have been long used to boring white radiators that'serve one function only ? to heat our spaces.

Where's now with heightened levels of interior style awareness we are all seeking to create something special within our homes. We want to create feelings of warmth & relaxation whilst also maintaining a statement throughout our homes about what we feel reflects good taste and an eye for style , but most importantly one that conveys our individuality.

Add style & heat to your space with a modern new radiator from JT Spas

With all of this in mind Tracy (The T in JT Spas) has spent the last few months working with our suppliers to source their very best radiators & towel warmers at prices that we can stand by after all luxury made affordable is our motto!

Most of these come in comprehensive ranges, these will all share a design ethic but are available in various finishes From traditional white through to a loud red gloss! sizes and orientations.

Tracy says of these ranges ? I prefer to call them families, throughout our new build we used radiators from the FIN family (A fabulous collection from Hudson Reed) We mixed sizes, and orientations to spice things up, and whilst I love the High Gloss Black finish, we used Silver in the hallway to help brighten things up a bit?

If your thinking about adding some more drama and heat to a room then check out this fabulous new addition to the JT Spas catalogue.

Designer Radiators from JT Spas ? Making Luxury Affordable.