Make your Dreams of a Luxury Shower a Reality

Make your Dreams of a Luxury Shower a Reality

Let?s face it: your bathroom would not be truly luxurious without a steam shower. And here at JT Spas, we aim to give you the most luxurious bathroom you have ever set your eyes on ? and at an affordable price, no less!

But having the right steam shower that'suits your exact requirements begins with a few important considerations.

Do you have enough room?

When it comes to having a steam enclosure, shower, or cabin built, the first question is often the most important: do you have enough space? This is especially true when you opt for a modular shower unit which will be installed in your present bathroom. Make doubly sure that you understand the requirements of footprint size so as not to overcrowd your present space.

What type of steam shower do you need?

You have several choices as well when it comes to steam showers. As mentioned, you can opt for a modular unit, which has its own set of benefits. A modular or stand-alone'steam shower unit is often equipped with different amazing features that you can opt for such as piped in music, wireless controls, pressure equalizing valves, and all that you'require for a totally relaxing shower. In addition, if you move to another location, you can always take the modular unit with you.

If you opt for a built-in steam shower, however, you have more flexibility with the design and the choosing of various features and options, since you are designing carte blanche. A built-in steam shower can be built according to your precise specifications and can be made to fit in with the surrounding area. But it is also important to remember that built-in shower units can be more expensive than modular ones, so you have to consider that as well.

Whatever type of steam shower you decide to have, you are certain to derive a ton of pleasure from it for a long time. If you are uncertain about what to choose, you can always speak with any one of our knowledgeable representatives who will be more than willing to help you select the best steam shower for your needs.