How To Repair A Toilet

How To Repair A Toilet

One of the most important fixtures within your home is your toilet. Even though they are built to last for several years and consists of durable components within it's plumbing system, you are bound to come across a few problems which may signal the need for a replacement with one or more of its components. While clogging is arguable the most common problem that arises pertaining to the toilet, it definitely isn't the only problem that ours. Take the tank for example, if there is a problem with one of its components, it may begin to make strange noises and or cause the water to run continuously. Fortunately though, there are many problems associated with a toilet that you can fix yourself without the need or a professional plumber.

1) Replacing Your Toilet Seat And Lid 

One of the easiest toilet repair tasks is the replacement of the toilet lid and seat. In general, most modern era toilets are manufactured in two industrial sizes, therefore you shouldn't have a problem when it comes to locating one that is an ideal fit for your toilet.

Once you have located the right sized seat, you need to remove the old one. You can do this by removing the two mounting bolts that hold the lid and seat down on the toilet. A common problem that you may encounter while doing this is the fact that the nuts may have become corroded or rusted, making the process of completing the job more difficult yet still achievable.

2) Clogged Toilet

When it comes to clearing a clogged toilet, you have 2 options. The first of which is a plunger and the second option is a snake. In general, a plunger can remove larger particles that are stuck within the toilet if it hasn't gone down too far. But, if you'realise that the plunger isn't getting the job done, or if you feel that the item that is clogging it, may be too far down to be extracted through the means of a plunger, you can use a snake and auger hook. The concept of the snake and auger hook is simple, it consists of a crank that allows you to turn the hook that extends from the device and can be placed to go deep into your toilets infrastructure to dislodge the deep blockage.

3) Clogged Vent Pipe 

If you notice that you hear a distinct gurgling noise from your toilet whenever you flush it, it may mean that the toilet vent pipe is clogged. To check to see if the vent pipe may be clogged, attach a strong string or wire to a small flashlight and drop it down the vent pipe in the toilet's tank to see if you see a clog. If you do, use a garden hose to water down the rooftop vent pipe in order for you to clear the clog. In the event that you have a clogged vent pipe and or have children, they may have mischievously dropped something within it, because usually whenever a toilet vent pipe gets clogged it was due to an individual who intentionally attempted to place something within it.