Free Standing Bathroom Appointments are the Latest Must Haves

Free Standing Bathroom Appointments are the Latest Must Haves

Porcelain free standing showers, tubs and sinks have taken the lean in the home decor race, replacing the garden tubs and full bathroom vanity concept. The go-to authority in the top quality fixtures and workmanship has the extra distinction of being the best in the UK and Ireland for achieving a modern, efficient and easy to maintain bath area.

Taps of Gold, Brass, Bronze or Chrome

You can select your color scheme and accessorize your fixtures so they combine to present a pleasant and unique for decor for your personal tastes. Taps can be ultra modern or traditional in design, as both extremes on the decor chart look strikingly elegant with the stand alone bathroom fixtures. Taps also come in the decorator?s dream of varied finishes, such as chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, brass and gold, in shapes of playing dolphins or designs from antiquity only, with your more easily maintained modern finishes.

We are proud to stand for the ultimate in elegance and refinement while still maintaining our reputation for durability at economical prices. You need not be gentry to live like one.

Pre-made Free Standing Stalls, Pods and Tubs

Aqualux and Prisma Waters have steam shower cabin creations with your comfort and sensations in mind. Both lines offer a variety of sizes and shapes from which to choose, and each also has individual options for the discerning customer to select. JtSpas also offers the widest selection of free standing Kubex shower stalls and pods, taking of all needs of commercial or residential, installed against a wall or in a corner. The Kubex No Leak free standing showers are the maximum in convenience, appearance and safety. We also offer the superb Kubex Walk In Bath Tub, designed and installed to meet every customer?s preference. The concept of walk in baths tubs has grown globally to fill the safety needs of aging pensione's or persons with chronic balance disabilities. Our installations provide you with state of the art products and expert installations our customers have grown to expect from JtSpas services.

Charlette Edwards Grosvenor Offers the Best in Glamour, Comfort and Elegance

JTSpas is proud to offer the entire line of Charlotte Edwards Grosvenor Free Standing tubs with Spa appointments. When you have one of these accoutrements installed by our fine craftsmen, you have done more than buy a new bath. You have turned your bathroom into a tension relieving, all encompassing spa. The acquisition of new bath and shower equipment into your bathroom changes its entire style, appearance, feel and purpose. Having the correct installation insures that these beautiful bath fixtures are durable and low maintenance for years to come.