Fixing Faults With Common Bathroom Products By Yourself

Fixing Faults With Common Bathroom Products By Yourself

At JT Spas, we aim at providing the best products to all our customers, at the most favorable prices. In addition, we prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that our customers enjoy using the products back at home without any difficulties. This article aims at providing some DIY guides that can help you as you handle some of our bathroom products.

Fixing Leaking Faucets

Before fixing the leaking faucets, one has to first identify the faulty parts of the faucets. It is advisable that if the faucet is old, just take the whole of it to the nearest store to get expertise advice.

Try to identify the brand of the faucet so that you purchase similar repair kits or spare parts. Feel free to call us up if you have difficulties in identifying the brand because JT Spas is here to serve you.

Commonly, you will find out that the faulty parts include the O-ring and washers, which are usually cheap. Main parts such as cartridge stem or ball can also be faulty and must be replaced as well.

In case repairing the faucet proves expensive or time-consuming, it is advisable that you'replace the whole faucet hence save on costs. However, an internally repaired faucet usually functions just as well as a new one.

Installing Whirlpool baths

The whirlpool baths are among the latest products being sold at JT Spas. It is the number one customer choice as it provides a number of health benefits as well enjoyment and comfort. The installing instructions usually come along with the products. However, one'should consider many things before installing the whirlpool baths.

It is necessary that you first confirm if you have the necessary tools needed for the process. These tools will vary according to the brand?s specifications.

Constant power should be available for effective functioning of the whirlpool. It is important that you purchase a Grand Fault Outlet, which will turn off the power in case of electrical problems.

Confirm if your brand has an inline heater and if it does not, get a larger heater as it takes a lot of water to fill up the whirlpool.

If you are installing the whirlpool at an older house, ensure that the floor is strong enough to support the weight of a filled whirlpool. This is necessary since a small pool can weigh up to 475 pounds. In order to confirm this, make a comparison between the floor and the manufacturers specifications on a filled tub.

Before taking the tub into the house, kindly confirm if obtained any shipping damage. In case of any dents or cracks, let us know so that we follow the necessary procedures to ensure that it is replaced.