Easy DIY Bathroom Ideas

Easy DIY Bathroom Ideas

Are you looking for a fresh way to brighten up your bathroom? How about doing a little DIY remodeling? DIY, or do-it-yourself, allows you to customize your home to fit your needs, spend less money, and at the end of the day feel accomplished that you completed the job, yourself. There are many different DIY ideas you can do that will change how your bathroom looks and even functions. Here are some easy and cost efficient ideas to change up your bathroom.

Tap Handles

After time tap handles can appear a bit dirty, worn, or simply outdated with the times. Instead of begrudgingly keeping these tap handles in your bathroom, switch them out! They are very simple to replace and you can buy them at almost any home improvement shop. Instead of going with a clear colored tap handle, opt for one that has a bit of color, which will in return hide any hard water stains that may accumulate over time.

Cupboard Knobs

Another great way to update a bathroom is to switch your cupboard knobs, for something newer, cleaner, and even sleeker depending on the style concept you are wanting. Switching these out can be very cost efficient and very simple with the simple use of a screwdriver. You can even find antique cupboard knobs and have mismatched ones to create a fun and vintage feel for your bathroom.

Put a Little Light on It

One way to update a bathroom is by doing some DIY lighting. Changing everything from light power to the lighting fixture can create a whole new outlook on things. One way to really update a bathroom is to use a fixture with color in it'so the light will shine through and be a tinted color in your bathroom.

Mirror, Mirror

Add a little flair to that boring mirror! There's a few DIY touches you can do to a mirror to make it have some flair. Paint the frame of the mirror a fun or accent color in your bathroom. Glue coin currency or even extra wine corks to the frame of the mirror. This will make an exciting look that will be unique to your bathroom.

These are some easy DIY tricks and to updating your bathroom. These DIY ideas are all very easy to do and are very cost efficient. They will create a unique bathroom, help you function better in your bathroom, and keep your bathroom modern. Updating your bathroom has never been easier with these DIY, or do-it-yourself ideas.