DIY Tips on How to Repair 4 Frustrating Bathroom Problems

DIY Tips on How to Repair 4 Frustrating Bathroom Problems

The bathroom is one of the most commonly used parts of any home. This means that high demands are placed on your bathroom every single day, which can cause damage to one or more items in this room. If you have kids, the amount of repairs that need to be done may even be greater than you can bear. Luckily, you do not have to hire a plumber or a repairman to do the job for you. Here are some do-it-yourself tips that may be of use for you when it comes to fixing your bathroom?s everyday problems:

Clogged Sink

Your sink can get clogged because of dirt, dead skin, hair, bits of soap, and a whole lot of other materials. When they build up, you know that this will only lead to a blocked drain. Probably one of the first things that you will do is to use a plunger or a drain cleaner to force the water to go down. However, one trick that many people do not know is to use a drain snake or even a straightened wire clothes hanger, twirl it around past the stopper and pull it out very slowly.

Repairing Your Toilet Handle

If your toilet handle is broken, you know that you cannot flush. Before you buy a new handle, check the flapper chain first. Sometimes, there are cases where you only have to slide back the chain and place the handle. If the arm is broken, one way to still flush without the handle is to pull the chain, which will open the flapper. However, if the handle is broken from the inside, you may have to purchase handle replacement parts. Do not worry because these are quite cheap and homeowners can easily do this task by themselves.

Overflowing Bowl

Your toilet bowl is brim-full and you may feel helpless until a professional helps you with the problem. Actually, you do not have to call anyone to solve this. One of the most effective ways here is to reach for the cut-off valve, which you will find behind or at the centre of the toilet just above the floor, and turn it to the right. Doing so will stop water from filling up the tank and eventually keep the water from reaching the bowl.

Clogged Toilet

This is a common problem and is definitely one of the most frustrating. There is one go-to tool that you need to grab and that is the plunger. There is a technique here to quickly solve this nasty situation and that is to make sure that the plunger is covering most of the drain hole right at the bowl?s bottom. When buying a plunger, go for the product with a smaller mouth as it can do the job much better than the prototypical plunger.

All these little pieces of information can help you solve the common problems in your bathroom. Keep in mind that you do not have to call a repairman and spend some money for an easy repair that you could have done yourself.