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What You Should Know about Your Home’s Value if You Install a Freestanding Bath

Many people have the belief that if they sell their home in the future, a bath or tub is one of the best selling points they could have. This is true, but what about a freestanding bath? Wouldn’t it increase a home’s value if the home boasts a modern and sleek freestanding bath as opposed to a standard alcove or built-in bath? There are many bathroom trends which have come and gone over the years, and freestanding baths will always be an attractive deal for home buyers. If you are thinking of having a freestanding bath installed in your home and would like to know how it can increase your home’s value, here’s what you should know.

A must-have

Estate agents who are in the know would be quick to point out that a home with at least one bath is a must. The bath falls into the category or classification of a commodity, and the home with the most commodities or amenities will always have the highest appeal. Other estate agents also say that many buyers look for baths or bath and shower combinations, and some homeowners actually install a bath if they want to enhance their selling odds. If you would like to attract a particular type of buyer, you need a bath as well. These potential buyers include families with young children, as many parents think of a bath as safer than a shower, and it also includes home buyers looking for luxury homes with several bathrooms.

What to install

Baths come in a host of shapes and sizes, but if you want to be reasonable with your purchase, then you can go with a standard built-in bath along with standard taps and drain. If you want your bath to also work as a shower, then you can add a shower door or panelling, which can increase your costs. The installation expense is a separate matter, however, depending on what you already have in your bathroom. You need to think about the tiling required by the bath as well as the holes which you need to be drilled for the taps. But if you want to attract more upmarket buyers looking for a more luxurious bathroom and willing to pay the price for it, you can’t go wrong with a freestanding bath. It’s worth the investment, particularly if you can get the freestanding bath at a good price. The best baths today can last for decades, particularly with proper care and maintenance.

The edge of the freestanding bath

As already stated, freestanding baths can significantly increase the sale value of your home. There are many variations of freestanding baths today, and if you want your bathroom to have the look and feel of a resort or spa to attract more high-end buyers, a freestanding bath is a must. This is especially true for claw-footed freestanding tubs which suggest truly relaxing, luxurious soaks. But there are also modern freestanding baths which come with shapes from oval to egg to rectangular and slipper baths, and since they can be placed directly on the floor, they look more stylish and elegant too. White is always a good choice with freestanding baths, although black is also becoming more popular.

At the end of the day, no one can go wrong with installing a bath – you’ll be able to enjoy it yourself, and if the time comes that you would like to sell your home, you know you will get a better deal because of this extra commodity.

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