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Why not relax in an invigorating whirlpool shower bath, after a long hard day at work, check out which bath would be most suitable for you below or click through into a whirlpool bath sub-category which fits the design style or size requirements for your new or upgraded bathroom.

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  • Benefits of a Jacuzzi Bath and Whirlpool Baths
The 6 Health Benefits of Whirlpool Baths You Need to Know
Whirlpool baths are a luxurious addition to your bathroom and they certainly look great in a newly-designed, stylish bathroom suite. But it is the health benefits of a jacuzzi bath that really make a difference – and can be the reason you choose this type of bath over any other on the market. Whether your whirlpool bath helps treat a particular health condition, or you simply want to improve your overall wellbeing, this bathtub is an essential part of your bathroom. Here’s why:
1. Whirlpool Baths Helps Ease Stress
Stress is one of today’s most prevalent and most damaging conditions. Anything you can do to ease the impact of stress on your life will ultimately benefit your health and wellbeing tremendously. Soaking in a deep whirlpool bath helps the cares and preoccupations of the day melt away. A whirlpool bath at the end of a long day helps you unwind. There is a lot of good involved in sitting back and letting the gently massaging waters take away tension. Lowering stress helps improve your physical as well as your psychological health.
2. Sleep Better with a Whirlpool Bath
As you lower stress you sleep better. As you sleep better you wake up more energised and ready to tackle the day. Better sleep is also linked to a lower risk of many health conditions. While a whirlpool baths help you sleep better because it helps lower your stress levels, it also helps by pulling the temperature of your body down which allows you to drift off to sleep more easily.
3. Improved Circulation with a Whirlpool Bath
The massaging action of the water jets in the bath, the temperature of the water, and the natural movement of the water can help to improve your circulation. With improved circulation you get more oxygen delivering important nutrients in your bloodstream all around your body.

4. Whirlpool Baths Can Help Treat Pain
A whirlpool bath can also provide active pain relief. Whether you are suffering from stiff and aching joints due to arthritis, or muscle strain due to an injury, a whirlpool spa baths allows the muscles to un-knot and provides valuable pain relief. The jets of water, when aimed at the troublesome spots in the body, are powerful soothers of discomfort.
5. Improved Skin Tone
The temperature of the water and the pressure on your skin helps oxygen flow more freely to the upper layers of the skin, aiding in skin rejuvenation and making your skin look younger and fresher. If you suffer from acne or other skin conditions regular soaks in a jacuzzi bath can help to clear the skin effectively.
6. Whirlpool Baths Can Aid the Respiratory System
Moist heat in the bath and bathroom helps to clear the airways and soothe the distressing effects of congestion, bronchitis and asthma. This makes whirlpool baths ideal in the wintertime when all too many people are suffering from these ailments. 
Whirlpool Baths

The bathroom is supposedly the most frequented place in every home. Man has become so dependent on it for so many natural reasons. Bathing is a must for hygienic reasons, and it has become an important ritual part of daily life in many countries and cultures. For some people, the bathroom is also that place where they get to pause and take a break from the fast-paced world we are all living in. And what better way to relax, recuperate and unwind than in a bathroom with a whirlpool bath.

Whirlpool baths were manufactured to meet the increasing demand for the modern home owner, looking for a method of relaxing whilst providing a necessary means of cleansing the body. Due to innovation and ingenuity the manufacturers of the whirlpool bathtub were able to dedicate their skills to create a state of the art product that offers the finest bathing experience.  Most whirlpool systems feature an array of between 12 and 18 powerful water jets combined with an additional 12 jet air spa system as an optional extra. Each jet is strategically positioned to provide the ultimate in massage and therapeutic treatment.

Here are some important uses and features worth studying if you are considering getting your own whirlpool bath.

  • Since its development and perfection through years of hard research and experimentation, today’s modern whirlpool silent operation” system can now boast an unsurpassed quality and unrivalled performance. With a corner whirlpool bath installed, the bathroom becomes an ideal place for relaxation and unwinding after a hard day’s work.
  • Also boasting an array of high-quality features and unsurpassed levels of performance is another variation that is designed with excellent tap ware and minimalist features is the special hydro massage feature mixed with various sauna spa properties. The air-spa whirlpool shower bath offers a much gentler massage experience that is streamed through specialised nozzles, strategically positioned around the bathtub. This is perfectly suited for people wanting relief from aches and pains alongside aiding people with health issues like heart problems and hypertension.
  • This special bathroom fixture is carefully designed with all those vital components that set it apart from others. Among these components is the water level sensor, which detects the amount of water currently in the tub and turns it off automatically when the ideal water level is reached. The timer alerts you of your time spent in the tub, while the water temperature sensor takes care of the ideal water temperature. Then there is also the mood and underwater lights otherwise known as chromo-therapy lighting, that create ambiance and tranquillity to give your bathing experience an even more relaxing quality.  
What are the benefits of a whirlpool bath?

Whirlpool baths are popular for several reasons; people using them feel relief from stress, the massaging jets present in these tubs can help to relax the mind and body. Those who use whirlpool baths before going to bed may also find they have a better quality of sleep. Blood circulation can also be improved when using a whirlpool bath. When warm water and massage jets combine,this encourages improved blood circulation. Blood vessels dilate, enabling a greater flow of oxygen to the major organs. As a result, people who have arthritis, stiffness of the joins and sore muscles feel more relaxed and supple. The great benefit about having massage jets, is that they can be directed to the site of the pain and can serve as an alternative for a deep-tissue massage. Those who have suffered from sports injuries or muscle spasms due to physical movement would find relief in using a whirlpool bath.

How much does it cost to run a whirlpool bath?

Whirlpool baths vary greatly in price. You can find one that is just over £300 while some can be upwards of £1,000. The amount is dependant upon the size, material used and the features present in the whirlpool bath. On average though, you can find a quality bath tub for around £400 to £500. However, If you require a bath with a stand up shower, it becomes more expensive. The number of jets present in the bath also affects the price. These extra features are why some whirlpool baths can be extremely expensive. Other features that may increase the price include - baths that have self-cleaning features, and some models that have independent heaters that help in raising the temperature without taking too much time. Aside from the whirlpool bath itself, you also have to consider the installation cost. You need to find a bathroom contractor who has enough knowledge regarding whirlpool bath plumbing and installation. The cost of professional installation can be quite high depending on the type of whirlpool bath, it can be anything from around £800 to £2,000.

Are whirlpool baths bigger than a standard baths?

Whirlpool baths come in different sizes an example being Jupiter whirlpool baths. Therefore, it really depends on the type of bath that suits your requirements. For instance, overall,bathtubs can generally look more spacious due to their shape, but they tend to be wider, not longer. The standard length is around 60 inches, weight around 40 inches and height around 24 inches. Whirlpool baths can be bigger or smaller. You can find quality tubs at just 5 feet in length, yet still provide enough interior space to house the pipework and electricals that are required for the installation. The larger bathtubs can be around 6ft which is perfect if you have a more spacious bathroom. In terms of size, standard spa bath tubs and whirlpool baths are pretty much the same.
Given the cost of whirlpool bath installation, you need to make sure that you find the right tub that will suit your requirements in years to come.

What’s the best way to clean marks off a whirlpool bath?

As much as we would like to protect our spa baths from getting stains, it's quite challenging to keep it sparkling clean at all times. The most common stains are rust and mineral build up which can be very difficult to remove if left unattended for a long time. Most of the time baking soda and white vinegar can do the job effectively. Simply mix these ingredients and start applying generous amounts on the stained surface. Leave it for at least 5 to 10 minutes allowing the solution to be absorbed and then scrub it thoroughly until you get rid of all the stains.

What is the most common size for a whirlpool bath?

The standard size of whirlpool bath measures 1500mm x 700mm. This is big enough to accommodate one person comfortably. You can also look for bigger tubs that measure 1800mm x 800mm and 1950mm x 1350mm that can accommodate two persons. These baths come in various colours, features, sizes, shapes and prices. There is no
need for you to rush; take your time when choosing the best type of bath that will suit your wants, needs and budget.

How comfortable are whirlpool baths?

These luxurious tubs are designed to provide its users with total comfort and relaxation. These whirlpool baths come with moulded headrest and armrest to make sure that all of their users feel comfortable submerged on the bathtub even for an extended period. These bathtubs also come with powerful water and air jets that provide their users with a soothing massage that helps relieve sore muscles, promotes better blood circulation, detoxification and a lot more. These tubs are so comfortable to use that you can even doze off while having your spa sessions at your place.

Whirlpool baths are good investments because they come with a lot of benefits that everyone in the family can take advantage of.
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