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When to add an en-suite bathroom to your home

Ensuite Bathrooms: Do You Want One In Your Home?

Ensuite bathrooms are such hits right now that they are considered “must-haves”. Most people list them as one of the most needed and wanted things when looking for a home to buy. Homeowners would renovate their homes to include these attached baths. But why are these bathrooms a growing trend?

By definition, an ensuite bathroom is a full bath attached to a bedroom, typically a master bedroom. Imagine family members having to fall in line to use the bathroom in the morning. An attached bathroom lessens the number of people needing to use the shared bathroom at the same time. This makes it highly convenient and is one of the main reasons why homeowners choose to include them in renovation plans.

Space and privacy are also issues family members have to deal with when using shared bathroom facilities. You cannot do a lot of things, or spend a lot of time in the bath when just outside the door are people needing to use it. With an attached bath, you wouldn’t have to worry about the young ones playing with your things and other people using your toiletries.

However, having the space to place an attached bathroom doesn’t mean it’s time for renovation. There are actually some more things to consider before you find a contractor and buy bathroom packs and furniture.

Investing in a small, space-saving and complete attached bathroom can effortlessly increase the value of your home. But sometimes, there is also the matter
of the cost. Separately, a bathtub, a toilet, a basin and a shower enclosure can cost around £800. Getting ensuite bath packs will save you around half that cost and are therefore greatly recommended.

Bathroom packs usually include the aforementioned items. However, some bath packs would not provide the shower enclosure. This is a better choice for those who’ve had their showers installed during the renovation. Instead of the shower enclosure, some packs would include shower doors and thus are cheaper. You might not have as many choices as you would want to with bath packs, but if the budget is tight, you wouldn’t have a chance of getting everything else separately either. Save up for a ensuite bath pack, and you will cut hundreds of pounds off the overall cost.

Do you want to have an ensuite bathroom in your home? Take into account important factors such as space, budget and need. An attached bathroom is a serious thing to consider when planning and renovating your home. It can make everyday life easier, and it is understandable to want and need one.

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