What Does Your Bathroom Say About You?

Your Bathroom, What does it say about you?

I know what my bathroom says about me as your likely to find more Lego than beauty products, but sometimes, when the house is quiet I like to light a few candles, soak in the tub and think about what I would like it so say about me.

My bathroom should be a sanctuary, a place to escape all of those noises clamouring for attention, a place to remove all my masks, a place to be just, well, me.
With this in mind I will dream about the sumptuous curvaceousness found in a bath like the Royce Morgan Ebony, matched with a freestanding tap set, contrasted with a modern angular ceramic set like the Phoenix Nanno or Hudson Reed’s stunning Seven Basin.

Other days I’m all about the technology and I’ll think about customising the controls on my steam shower, angling the body jets just to hit *that* spot. Relaxing to my favourite music whilst the Chromatherapy lights work on my inner tensions, but here we’re getting ahead of ourselves, should we go for just a Steam Shower or a Steam Shower Cabin complete with Whirlpool Bath system?

Aha, the perfect solution, Whirlpool Bath in the main bathroom, Steam Shower Cabin in the secret en-suite!

All we need to do now is add a little heat, and then accessorise!`

Bathrooms are the one room of the house were we need to feel the heat; after all you don’t want to emerge, wreathed in steam from your power shower feeling completely at ease with the world, only to start shivering in your cold bathroom.

These days’ radiators come in so many shapes and styles we can literally have a field day shopping for the perfect design to compliment our personalities. From a solid traditional column radiator, pumping out the heat, or a more modern piece that resembles a work of art more than a piece of furniture.

Have a browse through our designer range here to see what I mean: (Designer Radiators from JT Spas) The key when choosing your bathroom radiator is to ensure the heat output measured in BTU’s is adequate to heat your space. If you’re unsure how many BTU’s you need simply give us a call (0800 002 9744) and we’ll help you work this out.

 My personal Favourites are the Xcite, as it makes such a statement, The Keida, as the full length mirror is genius and the Colosseum  for it’s sheer old – world / shabby chic indulgence, it would look perfect matched with a freestanding bath resting on good old fashioned iron claw feet.

Ok, se we’ve chosen our high tech shower and elegant freestanding bath, we’ve added the prefect bathroom furniture set, and we’ve made it super cosy with a fabulous modern radiator, now then, as every girl knows, all we need are some smart accessories and we’re done!

What’s more important – Checking our make up – or storing our makeup? Yep, ok, let’s start with mirrors!

The bathroom mirror is perhaps the most important / commonly used item in our home, and yet is often overlooked! I’ve already mentioned modern bathroom radiators featuring mirrors, but we need something substantial above the sink and we have a string range, from simple yet elegant mirrors to the latest hi tech infra red, de misting, tell you the time in New York models.

My personal favourite for it’s theatrical charm is the Home of Ultra Latitude, it features all of the latest technology, yet puts me in mind of a glamorous actress sitting at her dressing table backstage waiting for tonight’s lover.

Ok, now where to hide the latest 5kg delivery of foundation? Bathroom storage has gone way beyond the laundry basket in the corner, or a few tablets in the cabinet. Manufacturers like Hudson Reed and Phoenix have really upped the ante, have a look and tell me what you think! Be it a tall boy or wall mounted there is something to fit every bathroom.

Right! Test Time!
What does your fantasy bathroom say about you? Did you add a steam shower, or opt for a freestanding bath (or were you spoiled like me, and went for both!) What furniture set did you add, did you add heat and how huge is your mirror?

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