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Wet Room Shower Screens

Wet room Shower Screens are now considered as a modern  and easy to install shower enclosure, which offers an elegant feel to your bathroom.  We have wetroom screens in both 8mm and 10mm thicknesses of toughened safety glass and heights which are 1850mm to 2000mm.  Many customers choose a slimline 40mm stone shower tray but we can now offer slate effect or wet room trays to complete the wet room look for your new bathroom.  We have a new range of 10mm Glass Panels designed to be used as part of a Walk Though Shower Enclosure which includes sizes 700, 800, 900, 1000 & 1100mm width of 10mm Glass Panel with 2 designer stainless steel brace bars within the bath

Browse our wetroom screens below and if you require any advice on wet room showers please give us a call to discuss your requirements.
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Choosing the Best Wet Room Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

Having wet rooms in your bathroom is an awesome way to elevate the overall appeal of the area. You don’t just go inside to bathe, but you also want to relax. Adding a shower screen will make the place look extra special. You and your family would be excited to hit the shower all the time.

How to choose the correct Wet Room Shower Screen for your Bathroom.
There are different types of shower screens and there is no such thing as one-size-fit-all wet room shower screens. You need to be particular with the type that you use at home to ensure the right fit and durability. Even if you already have concrete floors in the bathroom, you can still install a wet floor. The strategy is to chisel out enough portion of the concrete to help accommodate the wet floor especially in terms of its depth. Otherwise, a base can be constructed on top of the concrete floor. This is made from timber and plywood so as to have a solid platform. The type of floor that you already have in your bathroom is just one of the considerations. You also need to consider the quality of the wet room shower screens

What is the most common size for a wet room?
You can choose wet rooms depending on the size of the bathroom. There is no such thing as a minimum or maximum size. Wet rooms can still be used even for awkward spaces at home. It could be wetter when the space is smaller though. For bigger bathrooms, consider using an expansive walk-in wet room. Of the sizes available, the 1,200 mm x 900 mm size is the most common as it can easily fit in the standard size of a bathroom. You can have the shower area across the corner or on one of the walls if you have a large bathroom. Although wet rooms are pretty flexible, you still need the perfect fit at home.

How thick should the glass be for my shower screen?
Glass shower screens are available in different sizes and types. However, the thickness is the aspect that you want to give more attention to. For shower glass panels, the standard width is ½ inch. For doors that opens and closes, it is suggested to get a 3/8-inch glass. The goal is to make the panels thicker. Hinges should also be taken into consideration. They must be strong enough to support a thick glass if you opt for it. When you use ½-inch glass, you really need better hinges. Otherwise, it could not take on the burden and eventually fall apart. Tempered glass is typically used given its safety value. This type of glass is designed to last for a long time. It is created by heating flat glass until it reaches its softening temperature. With tempered glass, there is guarantee when it comes to durability and strength.