Waters Baths Latest Luxury Bathroom Supplier to Join Forces with JT Spas

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Latest Technology Advances for Waters Baths

JT Spas have decided to partner with Waters Baths to offer our customers the latest technological advances in bathroom bath design.  

The main reason for this new partnership is due to the fact that Waters Baths have been able to design their new i-Line freestanding baths range with an edge profile which is only 20mm thick.  Now this may not sound like much but when compared to other bath manufacturers this really is an amazing advancement, just look at the sleekness of the profile on the bath below to see what we mean.

One of the main advantages of this is that you now can fully lie down in a bath where the length of the bath is 1700mm, normally you would only have an internal length of approx 1500mm.  The i-Line range has an edge profile of only 20mm whereas most manufacturers baths will have an edge profile of between 80-100mm.  The i-Line collection from Waters Baths will give you around 1650mm internal length meaning that most people can fully relax with their legs fully outstretched.  Obviously this will depend on your leg length and your overall height but still when compared to other baths on the market this one can offer you that little bit extra comfort.

The Waters Bath Pool Freestanding bath measures at just 1600mm in length so for customers will limited space you can choose this model, to avail of its space saving properties and still have a good internal length of around 1550mm.  This now allows customers the same luxury bathroom design that is usually only possible if you have a larger bathroom.

As all of their baths are designed from Lucite which is 100% recyclable it means that in years to come if you so wish the complete bath is available for recycling which cannot be said about many baths on the market today.

Lastly for a limited time only JT Spas are able to offer a Free Recessed Pop-up Waste for all Waters Baths purchased in 2013 with a massive saving of over £100.  All backed-up with a Lifetime Guarantee on the bath from Waters Baths of Ashbourne, so if you are looking for a new luxury bath and amazingly with up to 20% off introductory prices now is the time to order and here at JT Spas we are even throwing in Free Delivery to your home.