Waters Baths Elements Freestanding Stone Baths

You may have the common misconception that a stone bath may not be comfortable, but because they're smooth to the touch, a stone bath actually feels quite nice to the touch and allows you to enjoy a deeply immersed warm bath. Stone Freestanding baths are pure elegence.  See our range of stone baths below in beautiful designs sure to make your bathroom stand the test of time.

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How Our Stone Baths Are Produced To Such a High Standard

Waters Baths new range of Elements stone freestanding baths are a perfect example of contemporary luxury manufactured using DQ Cast a material that is a unique mixture of crushed Quartz and Limestone, naturally formed millions of years ago. Mixed with modern polymers and UV stabilizers to form a material stronger than granite. Unlike real stone or other solid surface products DQ Cast has no gel coat and is free from fissures, veins or other imperfections that could compromise strength or appearance. The new Elements stone range were available with the first three models available: Mist, Haze and Ellipse. The Elements collection was completed with the Dawn, Luna and Cloud bath following to complete the Elements collection of six stone baths.