Wash Bowls / Basins

At JT Spas, we offer a tremendous number and variety of wash bowls and basins.  You’ll find that we have a style, size, shape, and brand for everyone; and of course, all with affordable pricing in mind.

Our wash bowls and basins, not unlike every product we sell, are aligned with this thinking.  In keeping with our strong desire to sell products that display a variety of styles along with affordable pricing, we have everything from wash bowls and basins that are bowl shaped to rectangular and even half mooned.
Not only are they stylish, they are designed with many functional features in mind.   Our Waters Mist Countertop Stone Basin is stylish and elegant, adding that little bit extra to your bathroom.  It’s highly efficient while stylish.  Our basins and wash bowls help to set your family up for daily washing and teeth brushing. 

This basin is but one of many that we offer; so browse below and choose the right one for you and your bathroom.