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Walk-In Baths

Our range of walk in baths are available is a selection of designs from easy access baths which you can sit up and are compact or our easy access walk-in baths with Deep Soaker and available with a whirlpool or airspa system to add that extra luxury experience.  We have a great variety of walk in shower baths which are very modern looking and would fit into the decor of most modern bathrooms with their designer Glass Doors and sleek bath screens.

We surely have a walk in bathtub to suit most mobility bathrooms requirements and best of all we always make luxury walk in baths affordable.

If you want a powered bath with a lifting power seat, The Montana powered walk in bath adds the convenience of a powered seat and low-level access which makes getting into and out of the bath easy, helping to maintain your independence. If the seat isn’t required just now, it’s quick and very easy to remove, making the bath’s special feature inconspicuous and ensuring the Montana is ideal for unassisted bathing

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Walk-In Baths to Safeguard You and Improve Your Life

Walk-in baths are a great way to improve your quality of life, especially if you have limited mobility issues. And, in addition, many of these baths have luxury features such as a whirlpool or an air bath that can be included with your bath. These hydrotherapy options will give you a safe tub massage with air bubbles or water jets to create the experience of relaxing in a spa. In some walk-in baths, there are even underwater LED lights that add to the relaxation you will experience.

Beyond relaxation features, our tubs help make bathing safer and easier for many people. To help you choose the best walk-in bath for your needs, here are several possible options that we have available.

Do These Walk-In Baths Come With Other Assistive Features?

Walk-in baths are specifically designed for people with mobility issues. Being able to enter a bath or shower is an obstacle for some. Our Montana and Louisiana P-Shaped walk-in baths are, in particular, excellent assisted baths. The P-shape to the Louisiana allows more space to move. Both the Montana and Louisiana series come with the low-level access with both left and right hinges, all to suit your needs, an essential quality for elderly and disabled walk-in baths. We offer a Hard powered seat, which gives you ample support as you sit to shower or lie down to bath. A slip resistant base, too, again offers further assistance in manoeuvring within the bath. Dignity is essential for disabled and elderly people. Our product range can give you the opportunity to bath comfortably.

Montana Cambridge Powered Seat Lifter Walk-in Bath in sizes 1500mm & 1675mm
The Montana Cambridge walk-in bath comes with antimicrobial properties as well as a powered seat and a battery backup system to ensure the seat works even during a power outage. Designed for low-level access and anti-slip properties, it’s easily one of the best disabled bath options you can consider. Moreover, it’s designed with both left and right-handed door hinges. Moreover, the walk-in bath has optional extra upgrade features loads of incredible features such as a hydrotherapy 3-speed sensory pack, chromotherapy lights, and automatic water delivery system.

Louisiana Powered Seat P Shaped Walk-in Bath 1500mm & 1700mm
When it comes to elderly baths, the Louisiana P-shaped walk-in bath easily fits the bill. With an anti-microbial bath surface, the walk-in bath comes with a slip-resistant base for safe access and left and right-handed door hinges. The product also features a hard powered optional bath seat+ lifter function with a stunning overall design aesthetics. Moreover, the Louisiana Powered walk-in bath has optional extra upgrade functionalities such as an air spa system, LED light system, temperature regulation valves, and much more. 

Affinity Deep Soaker Walk-In Bath 1050 mm x 665 mm
The Affinity Deep Soaker Walk-In Bath is ideal for anyone with accessibility problems with its slam shut door that creates a watertight seal, its base that is slip-resistant, and its double drains for quick emptying of the bath.
With its low threshold and easy-locking door, this bath also includes a built-in seat with contoured back for added comfort.  Among its options are color changing lights and a hydrotherapy spa.

Avrail Mini Walk-In Bath 1500 mm x 700 mm
This bath is the ideal choice if you have limited space and if you don’t feel safe with a deep soaker tub. It also has an inward-opening door that makes it easy to pull shut and latch tightly.
It does not contain as much water, has a low threshold, and dual waste drains so you won’t have to wait as long for the bath to empty. There is also an optional 12 Jet AirSpa and a colored underwater light for your enjoyment.

Calypso Walk-In Shower Bath 1675 mm x 850 mm
The Calypso Walk-In Shower Bath is a good solution if you’re looking for better access to both bathing and showering. It has a P-shaped tub that is designed to give you a larger area for showering. It also has a low threshold that will provide easier access for those people who have limited mobility. It also is slip-resistant and comes with two drains to quickly empty the tub. It has an option for a hydrotherapy spa, if you are looking for extra luxury. Finally, if you are interested in a shower screen, you can add one that is made of toughened glass with a handle and a bright silver pillar.

Aventis Walk-In Bath with Lift 1690 mm x 690 mm
For people who are not comfortable or for whom it is unsafe to step into and out of the walk-in bath, this model comes with a lift that will gently lower you in and out of the tub. This bath is full length with a slip resistant base and two drains for quick emptying of the tub. To accommodate the lift seat, this model has a deeper water depth with the same size and capacity as a conventional bath. For added safety, this bath comes with automatic battery back-up. In case of a power failure, you won’t be stuck in this bath. There are also luxury options that are offered with this bath including a 12 Jet AirSpa, a colored underwater light, and both right-hand and left-hand availability.

Layezee Easy Access Bath 1680 mm x 740 mm
The Layezee Easy Access Bath is particularly helpful for users that are confined to wheelchairs because its access door is located at a good height so users can easily reach the side panel opening. The door itself opens downward and is wide enough to accommodate almost any bather. It also has handles with silver finish that are designed to provide extra support. With its dual drains for quick emptying of the bath and its slip resistant base, this bath is designed for utility. In addition, its optional, built-in hydrotherapy system will create a hydrotherapy massage that will gently soothe your aches and pains.

In summary, walk-in baths and walk-in shower/baths are designed to give anyone with limited mobility a way to take a gentle, soothing bath without worrying about falling or any other injuries. In addition, these are designs that should meet your physical challenges which you are facing while providing the luxury of a refreshing bath that should help rejuvenate you, improve your sleep when utilising the spa, and hopefully give you a better outlook on life.

Walk-in baths are a great option for many types of people. An easy access bath like this can make all the difference to someone in their own home and they come in a wide variety of styles. We often get many questions about these interesting styles of baths so we thought we would answer them here for you.

How do you fill a walk-in bath?

Walk-in baths fill as easily as any other type of bath you might choose. The big distinction between a walk-in bath and a traditional tub comes from the entry. Many people choose to fill a traditional tub and then step into it when it is at a depth and temperature they like.

A walk-in tub has an entry-point with a water-tight seal. You will need to step into the tub first and shut the door behind you to activate this seal. You can then proceed to fill the walk-in bath with a mixer tap to achieve your preferred depth and temperature, as you would with a traditional tub.

Are walk-in baths covered by NHS?

NHS does sometimes cover the cost of a walk-in tub but it can be very difficult to get this payout. They do not consider a walk-in bath to be a piece of durable medical equipment and therefore rarely cover costs. In the rare cases that they do decide to give a contribution, it will be in the form of reimbursement as opposed to credit for an advanced payment.

Are walk-in baths easy to install?

 At the end of the day, a walk-in bath is still just a bathtub! It should be no more difficult to install than any other bath you could choose to have. Whether you are opting for a DIY route or you are paying for a professional plumber or bathroom fitter to install your bath, they should have no trouble installing it for you.

The only exception to this is if a bath has a lift in it. However, this is simply because an electrical supply needs to be routed to the bath to power the lift. This will require someone who is specialised in bathroom electrics to install, similar to someone you would hire to fit an electric shower. They need not install the lift for you; all assembly is done by the manufacturers of your chosen bath. Your fitter just needs to make the necessary connections.

What styles of walk-in baths can I choose?

Walk-in baths come in all sorts of styles. You can get ones that are very similar to traditional tubs. These might be better for you if you have a family sharing your home. There are baths with all sorts of doors and heights you could choose depending on your mobility. Some walk-in baths come with seats pre-installed while others use a lift system to help you get in and out. No matter what your mobility needs might be, there is going to be a bath to meet them.

Can I still have a walk-in bath with limited space?

If you have limited space in your bathroom, you might still be able to invest in a walk-in bath. There are many compact options that could easily fit into any space you might have. If your bathroom is on the small side, these could be the perfect option for you!

Are you ready to find the perfect walk-in bath for you? Take a look at some of the options available here at JT Spas today.