Use a P Shaped Bath to Reclaim Space in Your Bathroom

Bath Suite Buying Guide: P-Shaped Bath

    If given the chance, most people would want to have both a shower and a bathtub in their bathrooms. However, floor space is a big issue when it comes to bathroom design. A P-shaped bath is a space-saver designed to allow showering and bathing in a single feature. It is simply a bathtub with a wider, curved section at the showering end, thus forming the P shape. By these definitions alone, one can understand why these kinds of baths are becoming more and more popular by the second.

    There are many different P-shaped baths to choose from, and of course there are lots of things to consider. For example, there are many different sizes for these tubs, and the size you choose must depend on a careful measurement of your bathroom space. Most tubs have a length of 1500mm, 1600mm to 1700mm. Some come in 1495mm and 1675mm. The standard widths, however, range from 700mm to 750mm. Consider these sizes when planning the size of other room features such as the toilet and the basin.

    There is no standard P-shape when it comes to tubs. Some might be more rounded than others, while some would be rounded just enough to put a little more elbow room to the tub and a bit more moving space for the shower. The rounded section is also different with every company and every model, so it’s best to choose according to the space you have in your bathroom.

    The price would be a big consideration as well. Prices for P-shaped tubs range from £250 to £650, but those in the lower parts of the range may not even have the shower included with the purchase. Some may also have screens or doors that will enclose the showering section, while some may just have screens to prevent water from going off the sides while the shower is in use.

    Most P-shaped tubs would work well with modern and minimalistic themes, and choosing a P-shaped bath may help define your choices when it comes to the shapes of all other features of your bathroom. For instance, choosing a P-shaped tub might require you to choose features that are curved and modern as opposed to straight-angled or even vintage. However, some people also choose the P shape tub counterbalance any other bathroom feature with sharp angles.
 These P-shaped tubs are gaining popularity because they are functional and space-saving, not to mention that they are wanted by many households. The bathroom is a place for relaxation. There are days when relaxation might mean showering your worries away. There are other days when relaxation is feeling the water around you in a tub. You don’t have to choose between a shower and a tub anymore with a P-shaped bath.

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