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Tecoloy Health Mate 3 Person Full Spectrum Enrich Home Infrared Sauna 1500m x 1100mm x 1960mm Canadian western red cedar by Tecoloy Health Mate

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Tecoloy Health Mate 3 Person Full Spectrum Enrich Home Infrared Sauna 1500m x 1100mm x 1960mm Canadian western red cedar

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Some Great Product Features!

  • Grade "A" Western Canadian Red Cedar used
  • Plug & Play Design - Plugs into a standard dedicated wall socket
  • Tecoloy® Patented Low EMF / ELF infrared sauna heaters
  • Digital control system with builtin Bluetooth Audio System
  • 9 colour light therapy
  • Stream Music using a Bluetooth Connection
  • Description

    Tecoloy Health Mate 3 Person Full Spectrum Enrich Home Infrared Sauna 1500m x 1100mm x 1960mm Canadian western red cedar

    Tecoloy® patented infrared sauna heaters are manufactured by Health Mate®, who have been manufacturing premium infrared sauna cabins for more than 40 years. All this time, Health Mate focus has been on therapeutic effectiveness, reliability and safety, Without compromise using their unique Tecoloy® patented infrared sauna heaters . This unwavering focus on what is good for you, has made us the world’s number one sauna manufacturer. Health Mate's patented Tecoloy® Infrared Sauna heater delivers 360 degrees of dual wave heat with up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater. Has the fastest to temperature heat time. Tecoloy® is certified non-toxic and every heater comes with it’s own individual serial number. 

    Utilising the patented Tecoloy® infrared sauna heaters which are the only heaters on the market that are UL listed and have been tested to produce ultra low EMF and ELF levels. Using a spectrometer, our Tecoloy® heaters produce 99.5% emissivity. Emissivity refers to the ability of a material to absorb and release energy in the form of infrared heat. The higher the emissivity the faster you sweat. Tecoloy® infrared sauna heaters produce much more heat per square inch of heating surface, therefore providing more valuable and beneficial infrared heat.

    All Health Mate Standard Infrared Saunas are made from sustainably sourced Red Cedar wood.  This A Grade wood comes from Canada with a PEFC quality mark. Not only does Red Cedar have a lasting fresh smell but it won’t warp or crack from temperature fluctuations like other woods. This is the first Sauna of its kind that comes with LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy which can help to  treat various skin conditions and concerns, such as acne, fine lines and psoriasis.

    Download Tecoloy® Health Mate Infrared Sauna BrochureDownload Tecoloy® Health Mate Infrared Sauna Brochure PDF

    Product Information:

    • 6 Tecoloy® far infrared heaters
    • LED Colour Light Therapy System - the first of its kind in an infrared sauna
    • Touch screen control panel 
    • Mirrored glass (one way for privacy)
    • Ergonomic designed bench with built-in Back Rest
    • Pre-heat settings
    • Canadian western red cedar wood Grade A from sustainable forests - inside and outside
    • Safety
    • Bluetooth speaker system

    • Lifetime warranty - One of the Best Warranty Guarantees in the World
    • Patented low EMF Tecoloy® heaters 
    • Easy click assembly (no tools needed)
    • Pre-set Timer Functionality
    • Wattage 1820W
    • Amperage: 13 amp

    • Constructed of an attractive and durable Canadian Hemlock wood exterior and inside Canadian western red cedar wood
    • Designed with a locking clasp system that allows for a quick and easy assembly
    • Plugs into a 13amp standard dedicated plug socket
    • Health Mate Lifetime Guarantee and Health Mate are also triple certified for environmental responsibility.

    What is the difference between a Health Mate Full Spectrum Infrared sauna cabin and another brand
    Health Mate® has been the global market leader for more than 40 years and has become a vital addition to the wellness of so many. We use the best components and technology which allows us to be the only brand to offer an unconditional lifetime warranty

    • Real lifetime warranty – no small print. 
    • Unique and patented Tecoloy® heating system designed by Health Mate® for optimal use for Human Spectrum Far infrared 
    • Green and sustainable Canadian Red Cedar wood from our own mill – PEFC certified green

    Using your infrared sauna regularly is a great way to stay in shape, being equivalent to 15-30 mins of exercise. As your body warms up it sets your natural cooling system into action: you start to sweat. This increases your heart rate and blood circulations, requiring more energy as well as exercising your heart.

    Why else are Tecoloy® Infrared Sauna heaters the best in the world?

    Each Tecoloy® infrared  heater contains an electrical coil which is surrounded by compressed ceramic sand - this warm core is indestructible.

    The whole heater is surrounded by a layer of Tecoloy® - an alloy of titanium, chromium, aluminium and nickel which is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. This coating optimises radiation distribution and guarantees minimal energy loss. 

    The unique heater also has a reflective panel, making sure the rays spread 360 degrees.

    Extensive tests have shown that the Health Mate infrared saunas heaters are one of the most effective heaters on the market, with an unlimited service life.

    Health Mate infrared heaters are perfectly insulated so you can enjoy your session safely. Health Mate is the product holder of various quality and safety certification - ask our team for more information on these.

    Their heaters have a tiny (almost 0) level of electromagnetic radiation. Most recent tests prove that their infrared saunas remain under 2 milligauss of EMF output. This is the same as the level of electromagnetic radiation from a standard lamp, and much lover than a 32" TV (56mG). 

    tecoloy heater description

    What is the Difference Between The Health Mate Standard and Classic Infrared Sauna Ranges?
    The main difference between the two is the Standard Infrared Sauna uses Red Cedar wood on the inside which is Green and sustainable Canadian Red Cedar wood from their own mill – PEFC certified green and Hemlock wood on the outside, whereas on the Classic the Red Cedar wood is both inside and outside.

    Don't get caught out, not all infrared radiation has the same effect on your body. Health Mate is the only infrared sauna manufacturer in the world to use Tecoloy® infrared heating elements. Tecoloy® infrared heat is generated at a wavelength that is perfectly in tune with our bodies, and therefore creates a therapeutic effect. Cheaper versions with with inferior infrared heaters which provide no long-term health benefits. On these cheaper options, the heat is nice, but the effect ends once you step out of your sauna. 

    Product Installation Video Demonstration: Model Shown Below is the "Inspire Sauna"

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Tecoloy Health Mate 3 Person Full Spectrum Enrich Home Infrared Sauna 1500m x 1100mm x 1960mm Canadian western red cedar

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Tecoloy Health Mate 3 Person Full Spectrum Enrich Home Infrared Sauna 1500m x 1100mm x 1960mm Canadian western red cedar

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