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Steam Showers

Steam showers are a new modern all in one cabin that utilises steam which gives you all the relaxing benefits available with relaxing massaging jets and overhead rain shower we have over 60 available with fast UK Delivery. Relaxing in one of our modern steam showers is the ultimate way to relax at the end of your day or the perfect way to brighten up your morning after awakening.

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6 Best Benefits of A Steam Shower Cabin in Your Bathroom

Fancy steam shower cabinets were once only to be found in the steam rooms of smart fitness centres or spas. To get the steam enclosure benefits you had to be a member of one of these gyms or shell out a lot of money on a day spa packages. Today, steam cabins are much more accessible to the average person. You can install a sophisticated steam shower in your bathroom for an economical cost – and benefit from the following health and wellbeing improvements that steam shower cabins bring.
1. Improved Circulation 
When you expose your body to steam in a steam sauna or a steam shower cabin you are initiating a process called vasodilation, which means the blood vessels get wider. When the blood vessels widen the blood flows more freely through the body, meaning the circulation improves. With improved circulation come a number of important health benefits including a positive effect on blood pressure, and better supply of oxygen to the extremities.
2. Recover More Quickly From Exercise and Injury
Modern steam cabinets in the bathroom allow you to relax and recover swiftly after a hard workout or a sports injury. The muscles become sore and tired during exercise, which is proof that the exercise is having a beneficial effect on the body. If you alternate between a warm steam shower and a cool bath you can clear the waste that builds up in the muscles, making for a quicker recovery from muscle strain.
3. Better Skin Care with your Steam Shower
One of the more attractive benefits of steam shower enclosures is the advantage for the skin. Steam helps to open up the pores and delivers cleansing benefits to the whole body. Steaming every couple of days helps to clear the skin of build-up that causes spots and blemishes. The therapeutic action of the water also helps send more oxygenated blood around the body which helps to rejuvenate the skin’s surface.
4. Beat Stress with a Steam Shower
What better way to ease the pressures of everyday life than with a steam shower? Installing a steam shower unit helps you to cope with stress, which has such a negative effect on the body and the mind. Steam showers also help you to sleep better as the action of the water and the heat from the steam lower your body temperature and make it easier to drop off to sleep at the end of the day.
5. Help Treat Respiratory Infections with Steam
If you suffer from sinus infections, bronchial infections or other upper airway respiratory infections, steam can make a difference. The moist heat opens up the airways and helps to soothe the inflammation that causes breathing difficulties and coughs. Regular steaming in the shower shortens the length of the infection and provides soothing relief.

6. Boost Weight Loss with a Steam Shower
A regular steam shower experience can even help you to lose weight as the hot steam increases the flow of blood round the body and boosts the metabolism. If you have a healthy lifestyle and eat well then steam showers can be part of your weight loss plan, always concult your doctor for professional medical advice.
Jt Spas Steam Shower Offers
Don’t ever think taking a luxury shower in a high-end steam shower or shower cabin is an experience that is above you.  These showers, at JTSpas, are never out of your financial reach.  We make sure of this.

Our Milano Madrid isn’t normally this low priced with other companies.   You’ll be surprised what it normally retails for.  So, quality won’t be an issue.  These are great products, just at an amazing price.  Want to purchase the best there is to offer in luxury showering?  Again, you may be a little shocked, and not from high sticker price, but from how low our products are priced.  Our Insignia and Amazon Steam Shower and Whirlpool Bath is the most versatile and advanced in the market of luxury showering.  You must see this shower!

See our steam showers and shower cabin sale products and prices below.  Remember, luxury showering is well within your reach!

Everything About the Steam Shower
If you are searching for a change from your mundane bathtub or shower, then you have come to the right place. You can now experience the very finest methods of showering and bathing with the latest steam showers and steam shower baths.  Once labelled as luxuries, the steam cabin is now being enjoyed as a common bathroom appliance, providing comfort and relief to all who have implemented them within the confines of their homes. No longer do you have to venture out in all weathers to your local gym or spa to indulge in this healthy and stress-relieving activity. Huge varieties of home steam units are now readily available here at JT Spas for you to choose from. They may cost a little more than the regular shower, but what you get from them is truly worth the added expense.
A steam shower functions differently from the ordinary shower in the fact that it comes fully fitted with its very own steam generator. By the strictest standards, the more advanced steam shower cabin generates steam using special types of generators, and not by turning water into gas as it is released through pressure out of showerheads. The mechanism for this is built into uniquely designed showers so that there is maximum exposure to steam itself, and minimises any loss of steam via leaks through various openings within the shower.

Research has proven that when steam is combined with our bodies it creates a wonderful array of therapeutic and health benefits. Here are some worth knowing:-
  •  Steam Cubicles are regarded as a great investment for many types of lifestyles, especially for people with respiratory health concerns. The warm but comfortable steam helps stimulate air passages, which aid blood circulation.
  • Medical professionals also believe that steam stimulates the lymphatic system and boosts our metabolism at the same time.
  • The immune system is also known to benefit from consistent use of the steam room. Steam helps stimulate the natural production of white blood cells needed to ward off harmful intruders entering the body.
  • For those who are trying to lose weight, steam can also be helpful, in that it brings about increased metabolism and accelerated food molecule conversion into usable energy.
The steam shower enclosure can be generally classified in accordance to their sizes: single (which accommodates one a person at a time) or double (which allows two people together). But the sizes per say are not really a smart indicator, nor are labels like single or double. Dimensions for both sizes vary, and are very much customisable. They can also be classified based on your personal space requirements. You can further choose from a variety of shapes such as the corner, quadrant and square enclosures or you can even opt for the freestanding style. Furthermore you can choose from a variety of shower doors, such as sliding, bi-folding and outward opening, which is an important factor for rooms limited with space. Each system is uniquely designed to benefit its surroundings and allow you to maximise on interior space.

Do steam showers include internal lighting?

Most steam showers include internal lighting, lighting is an important feature in any shower with steam, when light reflects the steam, it creates a pleasing visual, which contributes improved relaxation of the bather. You can choose different combinations of coloured lights for maximum effect. The best type of lighting is the dimmer option, which enables you to control the brightness of the lights depending on your mood. LED lights come in different colours, and you can pick out your favourite ones that will give you the ultimate steam bathing experience.

What is the common size for a steam shower?

Modular showers are the best type for steam bathing. Their sizes vary, and depending on the dimensions of your bathroom, you can pick the one which will give you the best steam bathing experience and leave enough room in the bathroom to move around. It's always worth checking the dimensions of your bathroom, choosing a shower that is too big for your bathroom, will greatly reduce the amount of free space.
It is important to choose a steam generator that is suitable for the size of your bathroom. A generator that is too small will not provide you with enough steam and one that is too big will be wasteful. Go with the one that is easily installed, it will save you so much time and money . You can also customise the size of the shower but it will come at a higher cost. Consider your needs too. Do you always suffer from blocked sinuses and dry skin? Then you may want to get a shower that will give you the best steam bathing experience for your health needs.

How do I choose the right steam shower for my bathroom?

For example, when picking out a Lisna steam shower for your home, it is best to seek help from a professional such as JT Spas to give you the best advice on which option will best suit your needs. Showrooms will allow you to view different styles that will fit in your bathroom and still leave you enough room to move around. You can even stand in them to see if they are spacious enough for you to move freely, while still giving you ample space outside of it.
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