Slide Shower Rails Kits

If you require more flexibility from your shower head, we understand this.  Not unlike our fixed shower head collection, JTSpas sells the best quality sliding shower heads on the market.  Our slide shower rail kits provide you with the option of adjusting your shower head as you prefer.   You’ll find many to choose from at a range of affordable prices.

Enjoy Hudson Reed’s Chrome multi-setting shower head with a slider rail kit at a price that we’re proud to offer you.  Want the flexibility of a shower head with a slide rail kit and constant temperature control?  Not only does the Ultra Chrome Reef Bar Thermostat with a Slide Rail Kit look sharp it can be set so you don’t have to adjust the temperature each time you shower.  It does this for you.

Just click below if indulgence is a word that isn’t often in your vocabulary, but would like to have. You have to see our Hudson Reed Indulge Vertical Thermostatic Bar and Valve Kit.  This slide shower rail kit is designed to bring back the satisfying pleasure of taking a really great shower at the end of a long day.  We’ve priced it so indulgence isn’t out of your reach.  See below.