Slate Shower Trays

Slate Shower Trays allow you to add that finishing touch to your new designer bathroom, sleek looking modern slate effect shower trays come with a durable fast flow 90mm waste and grate in choice of Graphite or Polished chrome colours.  Our Slate shower trays come in beautiful colours, white slate effect, gray or graphite slate effect and the very popular black slate shower tray.  If you need to raise the tray up off the floor this too is not a problem, simply select and order the colour matched easy plumb and riser kit to simply and easily solve this unique problem with a handy to install solution.

Things to Consider in Choosing Slate Shower Trays for Bathroom

How do you choose the right colour slate tray for your bathroom?

Slate trays come in different colours. The grey finish helps complement a more modern bathroom because of it's dramatic effect. It is becoming more of a trend nowadays especially for modern homes. You can also opt for black and white for a more minimalistic effect. These are classic shades and you can easily match them with the other items inside the bathroom. Black and white will also add a touch of sophistication in your bathroom. There is really no such thing as right or wrong colour choice. It depends on what your personal preference is and how the slate tray will complement the overall theme that you have in mind for your house.

What materials are slate shower trays made from?

These trays can be made from different materials and each of them has pros and cons. Ceramic is the most popular choice not only because it looks good, but it is not expensive. It can resist abrasions too. The only down side is that it can be a bit heavy and fragile. Acrylic is another option. These trays were cut from acrylic sheets which were heated up and pressed to a specific mould. They were then left to cool down. This is a light material that is mechanical strain resistant. You can use detergents to clean it up. It is smooth and won't buff if scratched. For ultra-slim models, choose enamelled stainless steel. It offers high performance because of how thin it is. This material also possesses the qualities of the two other materials mentioned. It is made from natural minerals and pure acrylic polymers. Given its versatility and overall aesthetic value, this is a very popular choice among designers.

What is the most common size slate shower tray?

Size is probably your first consideration when buying a shower tray since you could not just fit in any shower tray in your bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, you might want to buy pentangle designs while for larger spaces, a rectangular shower tray would look better. The smallest available tray is 760 mm x 760 mm while the largest one is around 2,000 mm x 900mm. For quadrants, the most common size is 1,100 mm x 800 mm and 1,100 mm x 900 mm. For rectangular trays, you can have the 1,300 mm in size on the longest side. The best choice when it comes to size of any slate shower trays is one that is very popular. There is nothing wrong in going for unique designs. You just have to remember that when something wrong happens, you will have a hard time looking for a replacement. Meanwhile, trays that are of common size can be easily replaced.