Showerguard Protect Steam Showers & Shower Enclosure Glass, Glazed Ceramic Tiles & Mirrors

Showerguard  Protect Steam Showers & Shower Enclosure Glass, Glazed Ceramic Tiles & Mirrors

Showerguard Protect Steam Showers & Shower Enclosure Glass, Glazed Ceramic Tiles & Mirrors

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  • Makes Cleaning A Breeze – a regular wipe over with a microfiber cloth is all it takes
  • Reduces Cleaning Time – reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • Superior Protection – against staining and etching from soap scum, hard water and lime scaling
  • Eliminates the need for harsh chemical

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Showerguard ™ Protect Steam Showers & Shower Enclosure Glass, Glazed Ceramic Tiles & Mirrors

For use with a new shower cubicle or steam shower on brand new installations before the first use.  Showerguard contains minute molecules of silicone dioxide. Within seconds of application these molecules fuse with the silicone dioxide in the glass.  The finish usually described as "non-stick", creates a surface to which contaminants will be less able to stick to, and hence run off the glass within the water droplets.

Shower guard will protect your new investment permanently from lime scale
It also makes cleaning a lot easier and is water resistant making it easier to clean the glass, Any non-abrasive cleaner can be used

Protect shower enclosure glass, glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain and mirrors

Maintain your bathroom furniture with the strongest and most durable glass improvement system available

  • Makes cleaning much easier
  • Resists damaging chemical attack from harmful soaps and lime-scale deposits
  • Retains and preserves long-term transparency

    One easy application give permanent protection -
    this is the power of nano-technology

We only recommend using this on brand new installations that are free from lime scale and all contaminants.

A single kit will cover 3 metres of glass when used sparingly.

What to expect from Showerguard

Once applied, after the Showerguard molecules have fused with the glass molecules, the coating becomes completely inert after a 24hr period (at 20’c, 48hrs if 10’c etc).

When water falls on to the glass, it is repelled from entering the pores or surface structure of the glass surface and beads off in rivulets. Contamination from soapy water, and lime-scale is therefore less able to adhere.

Showerguard performance will be maintained for as long as the surface of the glass remains intact, and the correct maintenance procedure is followed.


Follow the maintenance instructions on the insert (also on the downloadable PDF). These additional tips will be useful: Whilst there are many different cleaning agents which will work well on a Showerguard surface, it is important to avoid heavy detergents and heavily perfumed products. Avoid non-ionic detergents, non-ionic surfactants, and cationic detergents where possible. Abrasive cleaners of any sort must not be used.

We particularly recommend a natural vinegar (acetic acid) based cleaners, however, many eco friendly products will also meet these criteria.

Cleaning frequency will be dictated by use and conditions- ie Soap and gel products and water type. We particularly recommend use of a rubber blade to lightly remove water droplets after each shower. This will ensure that, with heavy soap and hard water combinations, any of the repelled contaminants that remain in the last droplets on the shower glass do not remain on the glass as white droplet marks once dried.

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