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Shower Pumps

So you decided to enjoy a whirlpool bath, steam shower, or a water mixer; good for you!  Now, you need a shower pump to adjust your temperature settings and water flow.  Our pumps come in a range of designs and prices so you can effortlessly begin enjoying your new purchase without spending a lot more.

No matter your needs, whether you need one for a whirlpool steam shower or a pump that controls water pressure and temperature for a shower head, we have it.  Our pumps are designed to run with your plumbing system and take any guess work out of installation.  We want you to enjoy your new showering experience, and not bothered in the least by how to operate it.

We carry the Salamander line of shower pumps, an affordable line that are installer-friendly.   This line of shower pumps can be concealed in small places, and they are built to last.

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