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We have one of the largest ranges of shower pods in the UK from some of the big shower pod brands.  Our Coram Shower Pods are fully bespoke and made to order with our customers options.  A Kubex Kingston shower pod is made using extra thick 22m structure for rigidity and robustness. We also supply self contained Kinedo Shower Pods which come is a range of high quality designs some very modern, A Kinedo shower pod is manufactured in France ensuring the latest designs and are extremely high quality built to last.

Browse through our range below there is sure to be a model to suit all bathroom tastes.
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A Closer Look at Shower Pods and What You Need to Consider Before Buying One

What is the difference between a shower pod and shower enclosure?

Shower enclosures are usually placed in a corner of the bathroom and they come with sliding shower doors. They are perfect for smaller bathroom, they can be great if you are looking for ways to save space. Enclosures are basically just like cabinets as they contain all the features that you need for a great showering experience. They come with a shower tray which houses the drainage system. Shower pods are a type of enclosure. They are standalone cubicles that don’t require tiling or grouting, creating a more secure, enclosed environment. Unlike other types of enclosure, pods are not necessarily attached on a wall. Despite that, they are still innovative and they help prevent leaks from happening. Using either of these two options would also add a touch of style to your bathroom and also would help protect the flooring.

Are shower pods totally leak proof?

Shower pods guarantee that there will be no leaks. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the brand that you have chosen. However, they are generally designed in a way that leaks won’t happen. They also require no assembly before use. All you need to take into consideration if you decide to purchase, is to determine the available space in your bathroom, the actual dimensions and what type of shower pod would work. They require no grouting or sealing, helping you save time before use. Any type of bathroom floor works well with shower pods. They come with the shower, rubber jets, and brass internals. They are also offered with a warranty. Should you experience leaking or any other problem, you can have the item repaired for free or replaced.

Can I choose my own bespoke options in a shower pod?

Definitely, this is a great benefit when considering a shower pod. You can customise them based on your preferences. You can decide on several features that you think would work well in your shower enclosure. For instance, you have the choice of different frame sizes and finishes. There are different glass finishes for you to choose from based on what you think would suit the overall look of your bathroom. You can also add accessories to the shower pod dependant on your requirements. You also have options on they type of door - You can have inward opening doors or sliding doors. You can also have the shower pod fitted on just one wall or on a corner. You also have the choice of type of shower that you may wish to use within the shower pod. The overall price of bespoke shower pods depends on the materials that you have chosen, the size and the accessories that you have added.
Hopefully, these tips have helped you in deciding what type of shower pod to purchase and how to select the best one for your bathroom.