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Shower Panels

Panels that really aren’t panels at all; we think this is genius.  Shower Panels, to the people who use them, look more like thin hanging shower columns.  They can be installed anywhere that plumbing can reach, like walls on the outside of the back of your house or even better, the back or side wall of your summer home where an outdoor shower would definitely be needed.

Again, we believe in carrying the most versatile and sophisticated products at affordable prices.  This goes for our shower panel collection as well.  Manufacturers like Harris Reed, Triton, and Phoenix offer the highest quality and most versatile shower panels available.

You’ll find these shower panels with such features as; thermostatic control-this allows you to constantly regulate water temperature, temperature stops-these keep you from getting burned if the water becomes too hot, auto shutdown-another safety feature that shuts the water off if you happen to be cut from either the cold or hot water supply, and multiple body jets and shower head adjustments.

See our impressive collection of shower panels below.
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