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Is your bathroom traditional or modern, high tech and sleek or comfortable with just the right amount of modern touches?  Is it a combination?  No matter how you’ve designed your bathroom, at JTSpas, you’ll find what you need and you can count on our affordable prices.

Our collection of shower heads range from simple designs and functions to LED lighting that changes the colour of the water according to its temperature.  A few note worthy mentions that you have to see for yourself are the Phoenix Square LED Shower Head and the Phoenix Shower Blade 2.

The Phoenix Square LED shower entertains and soothes like your own personal light show.   The water turns blue if it gets too cold, stays green with a range of normal temperatures and turns red, if it goes above the normal temperature range.  This is a useful safety feature as much as it is aesthetic.   The Phoenix Shower Blade 2 features a waterfall effect.  With this shower head it isn’t hard to imagine you are showering under an exotic waterfall.

See our many affordable and versatile shower heads below.



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