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Don’t believe the next level in shower luxury is out of your reach.   Our hydro shower cabins are made by the best manufacturers in the business and we make them the most affordable.

Shower Cubicles

At an incredible price, our Lisna Waters Quadrant Hydro Massage Shower Cubicle has white glass panels, a three function shower head, adjustable slide rail kit, and 6 adjustable body jets that are thermostatically controlled with a chrome shower valve.  It’s truly the next level from conventional showering, and at a price that you can afford. Shower Units such as these can offer the unique and stylish bathroom design that you are looking for and offering by the leading hotels.

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A Luxury Bathroom is Within Reach

Showers are indeed one of life’s simple pleasures. Nothing beats a good bath in the morning than having a splash in a comfortable and stylish shower. But what happens if your bathroom space is limited? Should you compromise your shower experience just because you have a small bathroom?

Shower cabinets are standalone shower cubicles and smaller versions such as 800mm quadrants are space-savers. They are very sleek but available in many stylish designs that fit into a small corner. If you are considering the limited space of your bathroom, then getting a shower cabin is your ultimate choice.  We also have larger models for those with big bathrooms so there is a shower cabinet for every bathroom design and size.

Quality Shower Cubicles at an Affordable Price

We value the importance of showers inside every bathroom - a shower invigorates any tired body, and relaxes every exhausted mind. Considering this principle, we are committed to give only the best deals to its customers, especially on our range of shower cabins.

Our products are made from the finest materials and were manufactured using top-caliber standards. It is our motto to satisfy and meet the expectations of even the most meticulous of our clients.

Each of our shower units shows a different level of style and sophistication, but all of them serve one function – to give you the best shower experience each day.

Even with the high-quality standards of our products, we ensure that the prices of these bathroom fixtures are also reasonable.   Our prices for shower cubicles are affordable. You can purchase a small and small shower cabinet at £399.00 and our biggest and most luxurious shower unit costs only  £2979.00.

We appreciate the value of your money, that’s why we’re offering you the best of the best deals in our wide range of products.

Luxury Within Reach

With the affordable prices that we offer and the top-quality shower units that we have, luxury is indeed within your reach!

Speaking of the next level, the Insignia GT9002 Hydro Shower Unit is a stylishly dark and sleek example loaded with features and not in price.  This hydro shower cabinet is roomy at 1200mm x 800mm. Features like a multi function mixer faucet, built in FM stereo, an easy glide door that magnetically seals, and a computer controlled LED screen, make this an expensive shower at an inexpensive price.

Do all shower cabins come with steam?

Whilst a large number of shower cabins come with a steam function automatically installed, there are many who prefer to opt for shower enclosures that don’t have this particular function. Whether the owner thought they wouldn’t make use of the steam function or, it was perhaps something they weren’t willing to pay for. The fact that you have a choice at all when it comes to installing certain functions for shower cabins is impressive. After all, not everyone necessarily wants a steam function installed in a shower cabin, which is why the steam option tends to be included as an optional extra which can be installed at a later date and without too much fuss.That’s the main advantage of a steam shower option - the fact that it’s easily installed makes it a choice you don’t have to make right away.

Can I choose how many jets my shower cabin comes with?

When it comes to installing a shower cabin, you have complete control over what you want to add or remove to change your showering experience. While many shower enclosures and cabins have their own fixed systems (which includes the number of jets), you aren’t limited to a single choice. There are many different types of shower cabins available, which means that you have plenty to choose from and find an option that meets your exact requirements. It can cost a great deal of money for a bespoke showering system so it pays to check out all options, to ensure you find a shower cabin that meets you're requirements?

How do I pick the right shower cabin for my bathroom?

It can be a little tricky, but just ask yourself the question - what do you want in a showering experience? Do you want to utilise steam? Do you want to go eco-friendly and save on water while showering? You can even specify the height of the shower head be taken into consideration, as part of your specification. It’s your showering experience so all these considerations are worth thinking about, and which ones matter to you. Read through the different functions of all the shower cabins and choose the one you feel will provide the best experience for you.
To conclude, choosing the right type of shower cabin can be a little overwhelming but with some thought and consideration of your requirements it can put things into perspective, making the choice much easier. Consider the points above when making your decision and it’s guaranteed you’ll be making an informed choice which you won’t regret.