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Salamander Pumps

Salamander pumps are manufactured in the UK from top quality components, the majority of which are sourced from the EU. Each component is extensively tested for long life and every pump is subject to strict quality controls before it leaves their factory in Sunderland. Salamander Pumps sophisticated use of technology, which incorporates micro electronics and sensors in the ESP range, delivers unrivalled performance that retains pressure even under high flow rate conditions.

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Salamander Pumps

All pumps come with installation guidelines and access to our free technical helpline. When installed in accordance with those guidelines we are confident that you will enjoy ownership of your Salamander pump for many years to come.

Choose a Salamander pump and enjoy stimulating power from your shower. Our comprehensive range of pumps brings you the latest technology and an assurance of quality and reliability – all at exceptional value for money.

Intelligent pump control

Salamander’s range includes pumps for any domestic situation. Strong, durable and
user friendly,

Salamander pumps

are designed to boost tank-fed hot and cold water services to your home, providing you with a powerful, invigorating shower. If you
need to increase the water supply to baths, basins and other appliances as well, simply
choose one of the ESP or house pumps.  Our premium shower pumps – the ESP range
– enjoy the security and protection of an electronic sensor. This technologically advanced and sophisticated heart has been created especially by Salamander and is
unique to our premium range of pumps. An ESP pump will automatically identify whether your water system is positive or negative head and operate accordingly