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Quadrant Shower Enclosures

A Quadrant shower enclosure now comes in three size options including the 1000mm for larger showering areas in both polished silver and white finishes. Their clean lines and frameless styles, easy glide sliding doors make a quadrant shower cubicle the perfect choice for any bathroom.

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Important Questions Before Buying a Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Conventional shower enclosures are either square or rectangular in shape. Seldom will you see a bathroom sporting a quadrant shower enclosure, which is basically an enclosure composed of several quadrants assembled into a curved enclosure that can fit in most bathrooms, even tiny ones. An offset quadrant shower enclosure exudes an elegant look, especially the frameless one. Only the glass panels and their connectors are visible, making for a minimalist and sleek look. Here are some things you need to know about quadrant shower enclosures.

What sizes are available for quadrant shower enclosures?
Sizes of quadrant shower enclosures vary. You can choose from 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm and 1000 mm. The size of the quadrant shower should be commensurate to the size of the area in your bathroom where you plan to install it. It should fit perfectly on the corner of the wall and not obstruct any other fixture in the bathroom, especially the door. You will have a big problem if the enclosure gets in contact with the bathroom door.

What options are included with a quadrant shower enclosure?
When you purchase a quadrant shower cubicle, it comes with an easy clean glass feature that allows for easier cleaning after each use. You don’t have to waste too much time keeping the enclosure clean and free from grime and mould build up. You also don’t have to use harsh chemical solutions to keep your offset quadrant shower mould and dirt free. Common household items such as vinegar and baking soda are not just for cooking; they are also very effective cleaning agents that have the capacity to remove any dirt in your shower and keep it shiny.

What type of glass is used in quadrant shower enclosures?
The law requires all quadrant shower enclosure manufacturers to use tempered glass on all their glass products to preserve the safety pf everyone who comes in the shower. Tempered glass do not break into big shards of glass like other glass materials. What it does is that it breaks down into tiny, minuscule pieces that will pose little to no danger to anyone in the shower in the event that any of the enclosure panels breaks.

Quadrant shower doors give an otherwise boring bathroom, a new and unique look. With their curved design, they make the bathroom look better, and the small space is rendered useful. With their compact yet ample size, you will get the luxury of a relaxing shower without the feeling of being cramped up inside a box.