Power Showers

Want ideal water pressure and the perfect temperature every time you shower?  Our power showers are designed to give you the control you want and need so you know exactly how the water will feel each and every time you turn the shower on.

At JTSpas, knowing what our customers need is very important to us.  So, we offer choices that are inexpensive and versatile, and the highest quality.  Purchase one of our Triton power showers like the Triton Thermostatic, and adjust the settings to the water temperature that is just right for you and you’ll never have to adjust your shower again.  It remembers for you.   The temperature won’t change if someone else in your home uses the water- you’ll have the same ideal temperature from the beginning to the end of your shower.

The stylish Triton Aspirante in polished chrome will not only regulate and remember the perfect showering temperature for you it will also control your water flow.

Browse our power showers and choose how your showers will feel every time you take one.