Mounted Basin

At JTSpas, we constantly obsess about space.  If the space in your bathroom is limited, but you desire personal style, you’ve arrived at the right place.   Whether your bathroom is large, average, or quite small, we carefully choose each and every product with a handful of key features in mind.  Space is always at the top of our list!   And visual appeal comes hand in hand regardless of size.

Our wall mounted basins are the best that can be purchased.  We’ve selected the highest in quality.   You really can’t go wrong with any of our mounted or vanity top basins.

If you’re looking for something small and simple while modern, take a look at the Phoenix Small Wall Hung Basin.  The TC Florentino fits well within our line of mounted basins.  This basin is an artistic and angular master piece, with flowing streamlined edges that mounts on vanity tops.  It’s a must see! It’s an ideal example that grace and taste don’t have to be sacrificed in smaller bathrooms.

Don’t worry about space.  Let us do the worrying. You just have to click below.