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Linen Basket

A Linen basket should be convenient by concealing your linens where you need them.  We are certain you would agree with this.  Why? Because we spend countless hours researching and thinking about these things, it’s what we do at JTSpas.  A linen basket should also be designed to save you space in your bathroom.  And of course, they should be stylish as well.

This is why we sell linen baskets from Premier; they understand these ideas as well as we do.  The Premier Glossy White 350mm x 333mm is a space saving alternative to vanity storage.  These linen baskets don’t appear out of place in any modern styled bathroom.  Their chrome handles accent a number of modern bathroom features like polished chrome basin taps, towel racks, bath or shower taps and many others.  If you need a little extra versatility, the Phoenix Euro Gloss features a single wire linen pull down drawer attached to hinges.  This is a very thoughtful feature!

See how our line of linen baskets will keep your linens within reach while adding to your bathrooms style below.




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