Is an L Shaped Shower Bath the right choice for you?

Things to Remember When Buying an L-Shaped Bath

Perfect for those having difficulty deciding between a shower and a tub, the L-shaped bath is a trend that many homeowners now choose to follow. Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in any home, which makes it more important to choose only the best features to occupy the floor space.
An L-shaped bath is actually just a shower and a bathtub rolled into one, with the shower section taking up the wider space of the tub. This shower section usually has a screen that is closed when the shower is being used. When not in use, this screen door acts as a side panel for the tub. Some people buy the tub, shower, screen and panel separately, but it is easier buying them in packs or kits as there will not  be any need for careful measurement of each item.
L-shaped tubs can in the corner so that the shower head can be attached to the side wall. Some kits will not include the shower and are thus cheaper. For people who already have shower heads installed, buying only the tub and the panels will be smarter. It is best to consider the materials that have been used to manufacture the final product.
Remember that these baths come in both right and left handed versions, and that these versions decide where the shower section is placed. This isn't only for design purposes, and both versions exist to provide comfort and functionality to those who use them.
An L-shaped bath would also come in different sizes.  Normally they range from 1700mm to 1800mm, but you could also get one with a length of 1500mm. As for the width, the normal range is from 690mm to 850mm. As usual, careful measurement is needed to determine which of the sizes is perfect for your bathroom. In the case when no model matches the exact specifications, adjustments must be made and taken into consideration.
Remember in mind] that there is actually a wide range of models and brands to choose from. Some models may have wider shower areas, while some may have better screens and panels. Some brands may sell more expensive items while another may sell the same quality at a lower price. Normally, though, these things go for £250 to £700.
An L-shaped tub could very easily give a modern feel to any bathroom. This makes it hard to fit it in a traditional-looking one. If renovating, try to choose other bathroom features that will complement the bathtub. You can try balancing out the straight edges with curved or rounded toilets and sinks, or you can also support the theme by choosing rectangular toilets and sinks too. Some people would also consider about] choosing the tiles at this point, so that even the tub and the floor follow the same theme. Consider all of these when buying an L-shaped bath.

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