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Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Never fumble in the dark again for your bathroom light switch.  Wouldn’t it be nice to use your bathroom after you go to bed and not have to leave the light on? 
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Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Browse our extensive collection of illuminated mirrors and discover how these features can simplify your bathroom needs while bring together a stylish bathroom.  Our collection has a very affordable price range as usual, and offers many different sizes, shapes, and styles, all with a number of features that simplify and enhance your bathroom time.

A good example of one of our affordable illuminated mirrors is the Hudson Reed Aida Square Illuminated Backlit Mirror.  This mirror brings what you desire in quality and style for a great price.  It is a wonderful addition to any modern bathroom.  Our Phoenix Illuminated LED Backlit Mirror offers the same modern appearance with a pull switch.

If you’re thinking you’d like a mirror with ultra modern features to match your bathroom, we offer a comprehensive collection of some of the highest tech illuminated mirrors available.

One of just several examples is our Phoenix Double Aluminium Cabinet Backlit Mirror.   Constructed from the highest quality materials, this cabinet is luxury and modern design at the highest  With an aluminium exterior, double sided mirror doors and a 600mm x 800mm frame, this mirror will not go unnoticed by anyone using your bathroom.

Please browse above to see the many other modern conveniences our illuminated mirrors provide.