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Hotel Style Bathroom Suites

How to Create a Hotel Style Bathroom

Creating a hotel style bathroom is easier than you might think. Getting the details right when you plan your new bathroom is essential. You will usually be working with quite a small space if you are working within the confines of an existing bathroom. If you have the luxury of converting a bedroom into a bathroom or even creating a bedroom-come-bathroom, the world is your oyster! In a smaller space it is important to get some key elements right to create that luxurious feel.

Choose a Theme

Think about the style you would like to create. Do you like a romantic country style theme or do you prefer something urban and edgy?

For a romantic, country look choose a bathroom suite with smooth curves and elegance. A roll top bath will give that added elegance and luxurious comfort. Tongue and groove panelling and soft pastel shades will be the appropriate decorative scheme. Add some candles and fluffy towels to complete the scene.

For the urban, edgy look choose a bathroom suite that has a square shape and a blocky look. If you have room for a walk-in shower this would complete the look. Bear in mind if you live in a family-sized house and this is your main bathroom a bath would be expected. So, if you have to choose between a bath or a shower, go for a bath. You can always have a shower over the bath so that you get the best of both worlds.

Plan and Measure

Make sure you get all the measurements right and plan your bathroom so that it fits the space well. It might be that you need to move the plumbing to design the bathroom the way you want it. This can add to the costs so careful planning is essential. To get the look you really want don't cut corners or make do. Remember, your bathroom will be in place for a good number of years so you don't want to regret putting your washbasin in the wrong place every time you visit it.

To Tile or Not to Tile?

Most hotel style bathrooms are fully tiled but there are other options. As mentioned before, tongue and groove cladding can be used. This can also help to cover unsightly pipes. Make sure you paint the tongue and groove with a suitable water resistant paint. You can use tiles in strategic places where you need a waterproof surface and use special bathroom paint elsewhere. This allows you to add colour into your scheme and you may want to be able to change the colour after a year or two.

Another option is to use glass splash backs which can either be coloured glass or clear with a colour underneath.

Whatever you choose, try to make a statement. You can do this by having a panel of different tiles in certain areas or a band of another colour going all round the room.

Add a Touch of Luxury

Adding a touch of luxury is the thing that will set your bathroom apart. Of course, the luxury you choose will depend on your personal taste and budget. A spa bath is the height of luxury and you can choose one that has coloured lights to enhance the experience. If you can't manage a spa bath or it's just not your choice you could introduce mood lighting in the bathroom. Some people like the idea of candles around the bath and you can choose scented ones that will make bath time more luxurious.

Don't skimp on the finishing touches. Soft, fluffy towels are a given. Make sure you have a stylish soap dispenser and don't leave your toiletries on the window sill. Utilise a vanity unit to hide away all the essentials that you don't want to see. Use good quality accessories so that you can hang your towels and easily reach your shower gel.

The details will make all the difference so take special care to buy the best quality products that you can.

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